Windows to Sabily/Ubuntu

How we can change from Windows to Sabily/Ubuntu?
Windows is the majority of OS that people using because it is the first in the market. So people who is start their OS from it, very difficult to change to another alternatives OS. Is there any Windows user will change to Sabily/Ubuntu or other open source? Why I can change from Windows to Sabily and Ubuntu? Actually the main reason is I already boring with the same OS at about 10 years using it. Even it version had been updated, but the way I'm using it is same. The different is only it interface or appearance. Switch from Windows to other OS is one way for me to refresh my mind and learn something new. This process is same like want to change from Intel chips to AMD chips. We will have some pros and cons but the most important is we will learn another chips and have two knowledge. In this topic, when Windows user heard about open source OS, already in their mind is open source OS is difficult to use but I think it same condition while first time they use Windows. They have to learned about it from the beginning. I think most of Windows user is scare to switch to Sabily/Ubuntu even it is free of charge at all. For me, switch from Windows to Sabily give a benefit to learn about open source without pay. So I don't need to upgrade Windows which can save my money. Using open source also can eliminate the pirate software business in the market. It is better to use open source OS than using the pirates Windows.

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