Adding Launch Icon On Gnome3 Panel

Answering a question about adding launch icon on gnome panel. Actually gnome3 did not allow to do it by default. For alternative, you can add your list of favorites applications to be put on the panel by using Frippery Panel Favorites. It can be installed online from Shell Extensions page.
After installations you can view or hide it from Advanced Settings plug in that included in gnome3 desktop environment. There also some Shell Extensions that maybe will get your attention.

01. Shell Extensions page.
02. Advanced Settings included Frippery Panel Favorites. You can see it on the top panel.
Hopefully you enjoy using the new Extensions.


Sabily Mint - Add Sabily 11.10 Uhud to Linux Mint 12 Lisa

Linux Mint is another popular distro that also base from Debian/Ubuntu. Using Gnome 3 for desktop environment, now it already in front of Ubuntu for the most popular distro. In this case it is possible to convert Linux Mint to Sabily same like I done before for Ubuntu. It is an advantage for Linux Mint user who interested to Sabily.
I named it Sabily Mint. Hopefully it will become one of my new project for Islamic distro in the future.
The procedure to change it just as we need to do in Ubuntu. It is a shortcut to get Sabily Mint without having to build or download its ISO separately.

01. Add Sabily's repository and update,
02. Install Sabily,
03. 'Y' to proceed,
04. Display manager to use. I choose 'gdm',
05. xscreensaver, 'n' to keep current version,
06. Completed. Restart to see the new Mint.
07. Screenshot 1. Islamic Software had installed on Sabily Mint. Overlay Mode Applications.
08. Screenshot 2. Some Islamic software run concurrently. 
09. Screenshot 3. Sabily Mint in Gnome Mutter - Overlay Mode Window.
If you had successfully install it, welcome to Sabily Mint 11.10/12 Adn/Eden.