Sabily 9.10 Beta Version Download - Split File

I already split out Sabily Ver9.10 Beta to 10 file in rar format. Each file size is about 100 Megabyte. You need Archive Manager, Winrar or other file manager software to unrar it to become ISO file. You need to convert ISO file to DVD Media boot disk in able to install it on your machine. Just follow my instruction in the article that I post before. Be notice that this is a Beta Version. You can try and give feedback about bugs or problem that you facing. I hope to who that have problem with their internet speed can get the benefit from this split file.

If you have problem with the link, please feedback to me.

Sabily 910 Beta 01

Sabily 910 Beta 02

Sabily 910 Beta 03

Sabily 910 Beta 04

Sabily 910 Beta 05

Sabily 910 Beta 06

Sabily 910 Beta 07

Sabily 910 Beta 08

Sabily 910 Beta 09

Sabily 910 Beta 10

The password is sabily910

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