VirtualBox 3.1 : Beginner's Guide


I like to review about this e books which is talk about VirtualBox 3.1. This is must have book to a beginner of virtualization on their system and also valuable for experience user of VirtualBox. This books cover all about virtualization even you are Windows or Linux user. You can read a sample chapter of it from here.
Some review about this book,

It have 8 Chapter which is include,
Chapter 1: Getting to Work with VirtualBox
Chapter 2: Creating Your First Virtual Machine: Ubuntu Linux
Chapter 3: Creating Your Second Virtual Machine: Windows 7
Chapter 4: Installing Guest Additions and Advanced Settings
Chapter 5: Storing Data in VirtualBox
Chapter 6: Networking with Virtual Machines
Chapter 7: Using Virtual Appliances
Chapter 8: Managing your Virtual Machines from a Remote Computer

There also some quiz that can test your understanding of the article on each chapter that you have read.

So, if you interested of this book, you can get it from HERE.
Enjoy reading.


openSUSE 11.3 RC1 on Virtualbox


This is one more KDE session of Linux distro that interest me to try it. OpenSUSE, I download and try it on my Sabily system by using Virtualbox. Looks nice with light green and blue color concept. Lets see and experience it with me.

openSUSE livecd starts.

Select to start openSUSE Live in KDE.

Entering openSUSE environment.

Here it is. OpenSUSE in KDE session.

Going to shutdown with black and white appearance.

This is experience for KDE session that we hope will be added on the future of Sabily. Now we are start to go on to it.


Sabily 10.04 Manarat - Beta


Sabily 10.04 Manarat Beta already released by Mr. J Mehdi yesterday. I downloaded and installed it in my Sabily 9.10 Gaza Virtualbox. Since it only Beta version, I think they not included many changing from Gaza version. As I see, there is only GRUB image and default wallpaper is new and some unused software had been removed. Anyway I'm still browsing it and will try to test it from now. Here some of the screenshot that I take from my desktop.

Start Sabily 10.04 Manarat from ISO file.

New image for Sabily 10.04 Manarat.

Installation completed on Virtualbox.

Default theme for Sabily 10.04 Manarat.

If you have an opportunity to download and test it, please do it and report for any bug that you found or just give any comment about it. You can download it from this link, .