Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds Beta - New GRUB Image

Now I got new GRUB image of Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds Beta after make an updated. Also changing on Sabily logo at Application panel. Below is the screenshot.

GRUB image

New Sabily logo at Applications


Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds Beta - Login video

After try on Virtualbox, now I try Sabily Al-Quds Beta installation by using Live DVD. I see very interesting login effect from it. Very nice idea. I can't see it on Virtualbox. You can see the video that I take by my Canon digital camera. The picture quality not so good but you can see it clearly. You can see it on my channel at Youtube. See here.

Screenshot of the login screen.

Now we wait for final release of Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds.


Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds Beta - First Test in Virtualbox

Here is Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds Beta version testing on my Virtualbox. Slightly hard to download but with a patient it were finished. I test by install it on Virtualbox and it was completed successfully without any trouble. But at an installation process mouse pointer was set for left hand side person by default. I'm not sure either my Virtualbox setting problem or Sabily itself. It change to right hand side automatically after restart when installation completed. Below I upload screenshot of an installation process on my Virtualbox. Now waiting for Final release of Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds.

01. Start for installation. Reading Sabily Al-Quds package.
 02. Detected network for online update while installation.
03. Try or Install option.
 04. Prepared for installation.
 05. Prepare for installation.
 06. Drive information.
 07. Installation starts.
 08. Select location while installation running.
 09. Select Keyboard layout.
 10. Request information about you.
 11. Wait until installation process complete.
 12. Installation completed. Restart Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds.
 13. Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds Beta on action. Islamic software list.
 14. Nanny parental control.

You can help Sabily development by install this Beta version then report any bug that you found to Sabily team at Launchpad.


Sabily 10.10 - Al Quds, beta version release

Mr. JMehdi already announced that Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds beta version release now and can be download and testing. He request for feedback if you found any bugs or you have any new idea to add. You can download it from or .
Lets download and test it.
Beta file on Wuala.


Virtual Machine, Wubi or Dual Boot

     There are many Windows user that still feel hesitated and scared to convert to open source operating system like Sabily, Ubuntu etc. Although like that, they are expect to try it if possible without removing their current operating system. Maybe they had heard about an advantage of using and open source operating system from their friend, reading and an advertisement on the Internet. So, this article will discuss about using Sabily that we install together with Windows operating system inside one PC.
    They have three option to install Sabily inside their PC without remove or disturb Windows operating system that already installed. The three options, first is using virtual machine like Virtualbox, Vmware etc. Second is using Wubi software that come together with Sabily ISO file and third is using Dual Boot or Multi Boot.

1) Virtual Machine.
      The most popular virtual machine is Virtualbox and I almost using it to test any new distro that I downloaded. Virtualbox is more easy and safe to use because it same like other software that we need to install it to Windows operating system then Sabily should run from it.

2) Wubi.
      Wubi which mean "Windows Ubuntu Installer". From the name we can imagine that it is the software to install Ubuntu/Sabily to Windows. Actually it not work like virtual machine because it will separate Sabily installation to other part. When start we will be ask to choose either boot to Windows or Sabily. So it  same like Dual Boot. The advantage from Dual Boot is we can uninstall it from Windows environment.

3) Dual Boot.
      Dual Boot is install Sabily beside Windows in one partition or more. We will be ask to choose either boot to Sabily or Windows. Priority will be Sabily which is different from Wubi, the priority is Windows. Dual Boot did not give an option to uninstall Sabily from Windows environment. Just one option either erase or delete the partition that we had installed Sabily. It not an issue if you permanently want to use Dual Boot between Sabily and Windows. Remember, Dual Boot is very dangerous option to normal computer user. So if you decide to make Dual Boot, you should ask to an experience computer user for their guide.
     This article only discussing about an option that can be use for computer user who want to try Sabily without disturb an operating system that already installed. We will discuss detail about the option in other article soon.


Sabily 10.10, "Al-Quds" Release Date

Information from Mr. Mehdi that Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds target released is on 1st of November 2010. They also provided countdown theme to use for promoting and spreading Sabily. So Insya'Allah we will get it on 1st of November 2010. You can use countdown theme by copy the code of each that you like.

Theme 1
Code =
Theme 2
Code =
Theme 3
Code =
Theme 4
Code =

Feel free to put the countdown theme on your site in order to spread Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds.


Sabily New Logo Released

Mr. Abdelmonam already announced and released our new Sabily logo and brand. Everybody can use it now for promoting or advertisement. It different from no 2 logo that we voted before after modified by Mr. Muslih. Previously we have three dot outside the circle which is same like Ubuntu where just change the colour. Now we have five dot out of the circle to shows different between Ubuntu and Sabily. Five dot also give a meaning for Five Pillars of Islam. Lets spread it to all of our community and others.

New logo of Sabily
 New brand of Sabily


How to boot from CD/DVD ?

    To install any distro you have to make your system boot from Live CD or DVD that you created from an ISO file. On some computer system, they set it BIOS setting to boot from CD/DVD. If  yours one like that, easy for you to install any distro cause it will automatically boot from Live CD/DVD. But not all system set like that, and maybe someone already change the setting. Then you need to know a little about BIOS setting in able to make your system booting from CD/DVD. If talking about installation in Windows by using Wubi, it is same concept to make the computer system boot from CD/DVD. If your BIOS setting not set to boot from CD/DVD, Wubi also will not work for you to install any distro from it.
   Before you start all you need is user manual of your computer motherboard. In the manual you will find a key to push after you power on your computer in order to enter BIOS setting. So you need to search a topic about entering BIOS setup. Normally if non branded computer system, you need to push Delete key after power it on. After entering the BIOS menu, go to sub menu which is similar to "Advanced BIOS Features". Inside the sub menu you will find setting for boot sequence of your device. So you should select the first one to CD/DVD. If you use bootable USB Drive to install your distro, select it to the first boot order. Maybe you would not find USB Drive. It normally state as USB-HDD in your BIOS.
   After set your boot order don't forget to save it. Then put your Live CD/DVD in your drive. Exit your BIOS then your PC should restart automatically and boot from you Live CD/DVD. Normally short cut to save BIOS setting and exit is push F10 on your keyboard. Select Yes then Enter. 
   Below picture is some example that I take. You can make it as a reference to make your system boot from CD/DVD.

01. An example to enter BIOS Setup.
 02. BIOS Setup Utility. Go to Advanced BIOS Features. Sub menu below Standard CMOS Features.
03. Boot Sequence at Sub menu no 3 from top.
 04. Boot Sequence explained. To boot from Live CD/DVD you should select CDROM.
Save your setting. Put your Live CD/DVD on it drive then Exit your BIOS Setting.  Now you should able to boot from your Live CD/DVD.


Xubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Installation

Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce desktop environment. Xfce is something like Unix operating system. Design for lightweight PC which mean old PC but optimize to be fast and user friendly. Its only need minimum of 192 Mbytes of memory and 2 Gbytes of free space hard disk for installation. Installation process also very easy and fast. Soon we will have Sabily with Xfce environment which is now under study by Sabily group member on Facebook. He will call it XSabily. For your reference, I share my experience installing Xubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat.

01. Boot from Live CD. Language menu appeared.
02. Select Install Xubuntu.
03. Select language for installation.
04. Preparing for Installation.
05. Allocate drive space.
06. Ready to install. Click Install Now.
07. Select your location.
08. Select keyboard layout.
09. Fill your name, password and log in style.
10. Installation starts.
11. Installation completed. It takes about less than 25 minutes. Click Restart Now.
12. Log in to Xubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. Very fast log in.
13. Checking version from Terminal and Menu of Xubuntu.

We can find many distro that include Xfce desktop environment in their release for example Ubuntu, Debian, Mandriva, Open Suse, Solaris etc. I'm enjoyed installed it on my Virtualbox. Hope you have fun to install it on your system or your virtual machine.


Kubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat RC

Hopefully not too late for me to share Kubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Release Candidate which is KDE version of Ubuntu. Soon I would like to convert Sabily Al-Quds from Gnome to KDE Insya'Allah. Installation step had a little different from Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat anyway very easy to follow. Let see it,

01. To install, choose Install Kubuntu.
 02. Check what you preferred then click Forward.
 03. Allocate drive space. Click Install Now.
 04. Select destination then click Forward.
 05. Select keyboard layout then click Forward.
 06. Fill your name, password and log in style then click Forward.
07. Installation start. Just wait until it complete.
08. Installation completed. Click Restart.
09. Kubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat RC default wallpaper and theme.
 10. Information about version.
Wait for an official version release then install it on your system and soon convert to Sabily Al-Quds..