Ubuntu Sabily - Islamic Software Descriptions

Here is basic description of the bundled Islamic software that I browse,

Hijra Applet, it an Islamic calendar and its only calendar.

Minbar Prayer Time, this software is interesting. Its software for Muslim praying time schedule. By set your longitude and latitude, you will get accurate praying time and Qibla direction. Athan will automatically launch when praying time achieved. You can find your accurate longitude and latitude by using Google Map.

Monajat, means private devotion. This prayer words will pop up every time on your desktop. You can set the timing by right click on it icon.

Othman Mus-haf, this is a complete Quran with 114 Sura that you can read. You also can search any Aya you want.

Thwab, its an Electronic Encyclopedia can view and search a book with .th and bok format.

Zekr, this is the most interesting software for where I can study and learn Quran from it. It have many reciter and translation. It also showing detail of the Sura description. Its a very nice software for Muslim.

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