Customize GRUB Boot Image

GRUB Customizer is the software that can be use to customize our own version of Linux distribution.Small software that have some setting that we need. You can get it on Ubuntu Software Center. Here some image and setting that we can change through it.

1. List configuration of distribution that we have.
2. General Setting. Boot timeout etc..
3. Appearance Setting. Here is the setting to change GRUB boot image, resolution and others. Beware of the resolution depend on your graphic card specification.
4. Advance Setting shows some shortcut setting.

Make Your Own Version Sabily 12.04 LTS

Its too long to wait for a new release of Sabily 12.04 LTS Ibn-AlBaytar. Previously Sabily Administrator decided to suspend it and just continue to 12.10 version. But since 12.04 is LTS version, they re discuss and decided to release 12.04 and maybe just skip for 12.10. Thats a little info about Sabily distribution.

Now I just want to discuss about making our own Sabily distribution base of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin. Since I'm not Sabily's developer, I just do this as my hobby. After complete, this will result as Sabily 12.04 LTS Al-Baytar of our own.

Lets start it.
First of all we need to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin. Either you make new installation or upgrade from your previous version 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot. Since I like to work on Gnome environment, I had installed Gnome shell after my Ubuntu installation completed. So I just show my work from my Gnome desktop environment.

Second step after your Ubuntu installation completed, go to Ubuntu Software Center and search for Sabily item. Install all the Sabily related software that you see there one by one.
After all installation finished, re log in back your session. By using Advance Setting application, change the theme follow by this picture. 
One more time to re log in your session to see the result. Should be your session now looks to Sabily theme.

Now you can install all Islamic software that you need by search it on Ubuntu Software Center. Try all the software that you install after re log in back.
Suppose now you get your own Sabily 12.04 LTS version with codename Ibn-AlBaytar.
Here some screenshot of mine.

With gnome shell extension.
Minbar Prayer Time.
Hijri Islamic Calendar.
Othman Quran Browser.
System Monitor