Fedora 12 - Installation In Virtualbox From Live Cd Image

Last time I already show how to install Fedora 12 inside Virtualbox by using VDI file that I download from Virtualbox image homepage. Now I want to share how to install Fedora 12 inside Virtualbox by using Fedora 12 Live CD Image that can be download from Fedora homepage. It means fully installation, so we can use Fedora 12 as we install it on an actual system. For reference, my system is Sabily 9.10 base by Ubuntu 9.10 so Ubuntu user also can follow this step and hopefully others distro also. I assume you already know how to locate your Fedora 12 Live CD Image and can run it because I will start from Live System User interface. If you don't know how to locate you Fedora 12 Live CD Image, please refer to my article of Fedora 12 - Virtualbox Image Setup . So, shall we start now?

To start installation, double click on Install to Hard Drive icon or right click and select open.

Wait until Installation welcome screen appear. Click Next.

Select your keyboard layout. Click Next.

Click on Re-Initialize drive. Click Next.

I leave to default and click Next.

Select your city and click Next.

Create your password and click Next.

I leave to default and click Next.

Select Write changes to disk and click Next.

Formatting start.

Installation now start.

Post Installation.

Installation complete.

Close the window and shutdown your system Fedora 12 Live System User.
Change your Fedora 12 first boot setting to Hard Disk.
Start your Fedora 12.

You need to set some configuration before Fedora 12 can be use.
On the welcome screen click Forward.

License Information. Already understand, click Forward.

Create user name and password. Click Forward.

Setting date and time. Click Forward.

Showing your Hardware Profile. Click Finish.

You can log in now and happy to use Fedora 12.

My Fedora 12 default starting screen.

We are finished installing Fedora 12 inside Virtualbox by using Live CD Image. Now we can fully utilize it as normal installation to an actual system. If you had problem to install it on your system, please leave your question or comment from this article. Hopefully you enjoy installing it by using this instruction.

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Sabily 9.10 Gaza Wallpaper Download


If you interested in Sabily 9.10 Gaza wallpaper or background pictures, I already compress all of it so you can download and use it on your Windows or other Linux distro. But, it is better if you can install Sabily on your system then you can utilise all of the software that bundled with it. You can download the wallpaper from here.

You can see some of the Sabily 9.10 Gaza wallpaper below.

Hope you enjoy to download it.

Ubuntu Tweak Installation


Ubuntu Tweak is not bundled with Sabily 9.10 Gaza. Without it we are unable to get some visual effect that will attract some people to get closing to Ubuntu Sabily. I try to get it at Ubuntu Software Center but they didn't place it. For who need it, you should get it at Ubuntu Tweak homepage. Hopefully in the next version Sabily team will pack it inside the installation file. You can download it directly from here.

Screenshot of Ubuntu Tweak homepage.

After finish download, install it by right click and select 'Open with GDebi Package Installer'.

After installation finish, you can found Ubuntu Tweak at 'Application/System Tools'. Click on it to start tweaking.

Many thing you can tweak here. Your system information also can be find here.

Shortcut for tweaking your Visual Effect can be found at "System/Preferences/Appearance".

On Visual Effect, click on Preferences.

You can adjust some Visual Effect here.

Now you can see some visual effect function and hopefully can attract your friend to get close with Ubuntu Sabily distro.

Sabily 10.04 Manarat


Sabily team already announced their new codename for version 10.04 is "Manarat". In English it call Minaret.

From wikipedia:
Minarets (Turkish: minare,[1] from Arabic manāra (lighthouse) منارة, usually مئذنة) are distinctive architectural features of Islamic mosques- generally tall spires with onion-shaped or conical crowns, usually either free standing or taller than any associated support structure; the basic form includes a base, shaft, and gallery. Styles vary regionally and by period. They provide a visual focal point and are used for the call to prayer (adhan).
More on Wikipedia.

Example of Minaret picture.

Make Bootable Flash Drive In Windows XP


Good news for windows user. Now you can make bootable flash drive from your windows OS and have chance to try Sabily on your system. The tools that you need is Fedora LiveUSB Creator that you can download from fedorahosted.org or you can download directly from here. Thanks to the authors Luke Macken and Kushal Das. After you download the software and installed it, you can start making bootable flash drive inside your windows OS. I shared how to make bootable flash drive inside windows XP.
Before we start the Fedora LiveUSB Creator, insert your flash drive to your empty USB port. You don't need to format your flash drive but make sure it have enough space for your bootable file.

Start your Fedora LiveUSB Creator software. Let it detect your flash drive. If you have more than one flash drive, select which you want to make bootable.

At 'Use existing Live CD', Click Browse and locate your Sabily ISO file to make bootable and click Open.

Click on Create Live USB to start the process. It take about 10 minutes on my system.

Close the programme after finish.

You can see it log file at the program file folder. Click OK.

Now you already have bootable Sabily flash drive and can use it on any system that have options to boot from USB drive. Hopefully soon you will use Sabily as your Host operating system.

tkgate Circuit Simulator - Electronics Software for Engineer


I'm an electronics engineer so I'm very happy because there are electronics software that installed in Sabily by default. I'm not sure is it installed also in Ubuntu or not. The software that I mean is tkgate Circuit Simulator. This software is simulation software for Logic Gate circuit and it is very important for electronics technician and engineer either for study or designing new logic circuit. What I want to highlight is we still can do electronics job event we are using open source operating system like Sabily. There are many electronics circuit simulation for open source software for example gEDA but it not install by default to Sabily. I hope in the future gEDA also include in the Sabily installation package and hopefully many electronics technician or engineer will consider for Ubuntu or Sabily for their PC operating system.

tkgate Circuit Simulator screenshot.

Islamic Software Inside Sabily Gaza release


I list out an Islamic software that include inside Sabily Gaza release. Their software engineer added some new software that is very useful for Muslims. Here are all the software,

1. Hijra Applet - Calendar for Muslims.

2. Minbar Prayer Times - Alarm for your praying time. Able to play athan.

3. Monajat Applet for supplications - Monajat and dua for you. Appears follow by your setting.

Example of Monajat pop up.

4. Noor - Holy Quran browser.

5. Othman Mus-haf - Othman Electronics Quran Browser.

6. Thwab - Thwab Electronic Encyclopedia. Sample book included.

7. Zekr - For study Holy Quran with recitation and translation. This is my favourite software in Sabily.

Three Islamic software were put under Science category and all in Arabic font and language.

8. Fsool - the Sira of The prophet Muhammad.

9. Rejaal - a flash bibliography of 60 Sahabi around the prophet Muhammad.

10. Arab Eyes Qamoos - Arabic to English dictionary.

We hope in the next version the last three software can be select to English language.
This ten software is very good and useful software for Islamic people all over the world. Hopefully soon many Muslims software engineer will participate in Sabily in order to spread it to all over the world. InsyaAllah.