Sabily or Ubuntu?

What is different between Sabily and Ubuntu? Everything in Ubuntu also include in Sabily. But Sabily have extra Islamic features. So for Muslim, its better for you to choose Sabily. I'm assemble my first computer on 1998. It built by Celeron 556MHz, 64MHz and 10GB hard disk. At that time I only know Windows 98 and Windows98SE. Together with my brother we install it. Long time we stick to Microsoft without think to other alternative OS. Then I heard about Linux Red Hat 9. It interesting to study about it so I decided to try it. I forgot how many time I'm doing try and error to install it, until success, wow !, its had an amazing interface that I never seen before. But I'm feeling very difficult to use it because its totally different from windows. So I have change back to windows. After that Windows XP release and we use it. At 2008 I had read about Ubuntu. It look interesting also, then I request it installation CD and install it. I'm stick to it quiet long. Since I'm electronics base, my auto cad software cannot run on Ubuntu. Had to change back to Windows. My age going old and I'm going to make myself close to Allah. At Syaaban 1430, all Muslim is prepared for Ramadan. I'm also searching for something meaningful for Ramadan. Then I found Sabily where it have Zekr software that I can use to learn more about Al-Quran. I decided to install it. It was very beautiful distros for me and I'm stick to it until now. I think this distros is new and will have more follower in the future. Cause of that I'm publish this blog. I'm learn also about Ubuntu. It was same like Sabily. But Sabily is better for Muslim. So for me either Sabily or Ubuntu, I decided Sabily. Even we use Sabily, we also support Ubuntu behind it. What about Windows? Anything I want to do is inside Sabily, so I never think about Windows now. Soon forget.

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  1. I want to turn my machine into at least this three version of Ubuntu (Sabily+Ubuntu Studio+Mythbuntu) and I want to have Linux Mint too. Ubuntu itself have so many flavor I don't want to miss unlike Windows or Mac.

    I love Sabily pretty much but I prefer Ubuntu since it is the original one. I'm customizing this system for my own company and products so, the best for me is Ubuntu.

    Just needed to add repo and install application accordingly and my Ubuntu turned into my own version (my very own flavor).

    With linux, computer is now personal again. Never had this chance with Windows or Mac.

    Actually, I would like to have Fedora because of it's bleeding edge but I pick Ubuntu since it's the best suite for easiest modification and for my customer.