Full Circle October 2009


Ubuntu full cicle magazine released. Yes, you can download it here.
This month topic,

* How-To: Program in Python – Part 4, Applications for Bookworms,Installing OpenOffice.org Base.
* My Story – The Doctor Is In, Recording Porgy & Bess, Ubuntu Reincarnates Pensioners Laptop
* Command and Conquer
* My Opinion – Acer Aspire One Distros
* Review – Sony PRS-505 Ebook Reader
* MOTU Interview – Thierry Carrez.
* Top 5 – Writing Applications.
* Ubuntu Women, Ubuntu Games and all the usual goodness!

Ubuntu 9.10 Install Inside Windows XP

All know Ubuntu 9.10 already release and we are still waiting for Sabily 9.10. Lets talk about installing Ubuntu 9.10 inside windows xp. First you must download Ubuntu 9.10 from Ubuntu or Virtualbox websites.
To install Ubuntu 9.10 inside windows xp we need to use virtual drive software and I recommend is Virtualbox. You can download Virtualbox here and install it first.

Sabily - Try it without any change to your computer

Ready to install Sabily? If you are not sure to install it, you can try Sabily by running it from your boot DVD disc. All application can run from it. How to do it? First off all you must make your DVD boot first from other media. This can be enable by changing your motherboard BIOS setting at Boot menu by select first boot device to DVD which you use to insert your boot Sabily disc. If you are not sure, please refer to your motherboard manual how to enter it BIOS setting. Insert your Sabily disc to DVD then save and exit your BIOS setting. Don't forget to save your BIOS setting. Your system will reboot and Sabily installation menu will appear with it default to "Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer". Just select it by press enter on your keyboard. Your Sabily will run from it DVD disc without install to your hard disc. From here you can play around and try all Sabily applications. To shutdown, go to System and select Shutdown.

Sabily Installation Option

First Screen of Sabily

Shutdown Sabily

How To Make Boot Disk?

If you already download Sabily ISO file, then you need to make a boot disk from it in able to install it. First you must install burning software like Nero or Devede if you using Ubuntu. If burning software is already install, then it is easy to you to make boot disk by double clicks your iso file or right clicks and choose to open with your burning software. For example in Ubuntu, double clicks and Write to Disc menu will appeared. Insert your blank DVD media, then select Write. Just wait until writing finished then your Sabily DVD is ready to boot for new installation on your system. Same procedure also apply to Windows user.

Example Write to Disc GUI

Ubuntu Full Circle Magazine


Maybe some Sabily user already know about Full Circle Magazine which is related to Linux Ubuntu operating system. It also usefull for us, Sabily user because we use the same engine. So we can download it at Full Circle magazine webpage. Also can download at my 4shared store.

System to run Sabily

What is my system specification that can accept Sabily to run?

Processor AMD Athlon 64 3000+
Memory Kingston DDR2 533 512Mb
Motherboard MSI 7309
Hard Disk Western Digital 80 Gb SATA
Hard Disk Western Digital 320 Gb SATA
Power Supply Icute 450W

By this system I can enable visual effect at appearance menu.

Linux Sabily Download Page

Here some picture of the Sabily homepage where you can download Sabily DVD iso image with full recitations.

Next I will show how to make bootable installation DVD from it.

About Sabily and Me

I found about Sabily in one forum about business on the website. Before that I already try Ubuntu and found it great OS but its look like to many thing not support, I switch back to WindowsXP. After I heard about Sabily, then I try to install it on my PC. I found it is a very useful OS for me cause it have built in Zekr software where I can learn Quran easily and by many translation and recitation. So until now I'm still with Sabily OS and waiting for its new release Gaza. You can found more detail about Sabily here. The most important is its free to download. You can download it free here. It have many version and I'm download and install full version with recitation. Please download it and next we will discuss step by step how to install it. If you are Windows friend, don't worry because we can make dual boot Windows and Sabily or we also can run Windows inside Sabily. If your connection is too slow to download, maybe you can request it boot disk from me. Just e-mel to me.

Linux Ubuntu Sabily

Here is desktop of my Linux Ubuntu Sabily. I'm going to share my experience about this os online. All about Sabily, from installation until upgrade version and modification of it. Let's share it together.