Full Circle Magazine - Issue 37


So what we have in this issue? Lets download and browse it. You can download Full Circle Magazine Issue 37 from here.

Full Circle Issue 37 cover page.

Full Circle Issue 37 topics.

If you want to download in other language, you can get it from Full Circle homepage here.

Sabily In KDE - New Customize Desktop


I had success installed KDE on my Sabily. Now I want to share my new customize theme for my Sabily in KDE. I try to use Islamic themes and it function as Gnome Sabily. Look at screenshot that I post.


Fedora 13 Running On Virtualbox


Some friend in Facebook asking for anybody that had installed and try Fedora 13 beta. So I had finished download it and installed on Virtualbox. You can share my screenshot of Fedora 13 Beta on Virtualbox 3.1.8. Let see it...

Starting Fedora 13 Beta live session.

New wallpaper in blue.

Log in Live System User.

Live System User.

Log out from Live System User.

It is better to try beta version on virtual machine like Virtualbox and it is suggested by most developer. For full version of Fedora 13 we have to wait about five days from now. Enjoy..

Linux Mint 9 Isadora On Virtualbox


Linux Mint 9 Isadora already released. I had download it and try it on my Virtualbox. You can download it from here. I post some screenshot of it.

Starting Live CD boot.

Live CD content.

Click Install Linux Mint to install it on your system.

Linux Mint always use Mint color themes. For Linux Mint user, have fun to download and install it to your system.

Sabily In KDE Session


So let see my Sabily with KDE session. It was amazing appearance for my eye. Islamic software also able to run inside it which is the heart for Sabily. I share two screenshot of it and in my mind already ask to stick at KDE session for my Sabily. Now I'm going to get more experience on it and think about it for the next version of Sabily.

Screenshot of default theme for KDE session on Sabily.

Screenshot after change background to original Sabily Wallpaper.

So you can try this for your Sabily and share it on Linux Sabily page in facebook.

Installing KDE on Ubuntu Sabily


KDE can be install on Ubuntu or just install Kubuntu. What about KDE in Sabily? I don't think so there someone had try KDE on Sabily. So I try it by following same command for installing KDE on Ubuntu. Let install it on your Sabily by following this step of command then see how it look like when you run Sabily by select KDE session. If you are Ubuntu user and not yet try it, you also can follow this step from your terminal.

Start installing KDE from you terminal using this command, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop .

Some information before installation. Key in 'y' and press Enter.

Installation in progress.

Display manager option. Select 'kdm' and press Enter. Installation will continue.

Installation completed.

After finished installation, close your terminal then restart your system. After reboot, you will get KDE login screen. Login to KDE session and get your experience on it. I will share my Sabily with KDE session on the next post.

Kubuntu Running on Virtualbox


What about KDE on Ubuntu? Ok, it call Kubuntu. So I try it on my system by using Virtualbox. Same as PCLinuxOS it run using KDE which require more powerful hardware. I think due to it powerful engine to make more better desktop environment. Anyway, if you had powerful system, then you can try Kubuntu and see the different of KDE environment compare with Gnome. For Sabily, I will ask their programmer either we can use KDE or not. Then suggest them to add it in the future version of Sabily.
So, let see Kubuntu run on live cd image inside Sabily by using Virtualbox latest version 3.1.8.

Starting Kubuntu virtual machine from live CD image.

Live session of Kubuntu.

Desktop Setting GUI.

Shutdown Kubuntu Live session.

By running this session I think it is possible to run KDE for Ubuntu or Sabily on my system. Next I will install KDE on my Sabily and get experience how it look like.

PCLinuxOS 2010 run on Virtualbox


One of the most top distro that I know either than Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian etc is PCLinuxOS and yesterday I already finished download it new version PCLinuxOS 2010. The most interested is it had KDE session that don't have on Sabily. As I know another distro that use KDE is Mandriva. So I try to run it on Virtualbox to see the different of it compare with Gnome Ubuntu or Sabily.
After start I found the different of it appearance which is more attract colour and have more start menu. I share some of the screenshot that I take when run it on Virtualbox. Hopefully in the future Sabily also will support KDE session like Ubuntu.

Start menu of PCLinuxOS.

Booting the system.

Nice appearance on KDE.

Default theme on Live Session.

We will talk more about KDE in the future.

Virtualbox 3.1.8


Virtualbox already released their new version 3.1.8 which is auto detected on my system when I run it. For virtualbox user you should get it and enjoy any new feature that they had included.

Auto detection of Virtualbox 3.1.8 screenshot.

Sabily 9.10 Gaza Detected Ubuntu 10.04 LTS


Ubuntu 10.04 LTS already released officially. If you are in Sabily your Update Manager will detected it and request you to upgrade. In this situation you should not click update cause it will change your desktop to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and override or erase your Sabily setting. Unless you decide to change your Sabily to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. If you are Sabily user, just wait until Sabily 10.04 Manarat official release and we hope there are supported for upgrade version.

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS detected by Sabily Update Manager.

LXDE - Installation to Sabily


So what is LXDE actually? It meant is Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment is an extremely fast-performing and energy-saving desktop environment. The most important is it uses less CPU and less RAM than other environments. This meant its good for computers with and old spec hardware. You can read more about LXDE here.
How to install LXDE inside Sabily?

On your Terminal, run this command.

LXDE installation in progress.

LXDE installation finish.

Now you have to log out or restart in able to select your log in session. Select LXDE session to start experience with it.

Sabily In LXDE Session - Introduction


Last week while I'm on facebook, I had asked by one friend from Indonesia about LXDE either it support for Sabily or not. Then I found that LXDE is support to Ubuntu so I guest it should support to Sabily too.
Today I try to install LXDE in Sabily and use it session to log in. Luckily it was support for Sabily log in session but some icon can't be load. Hopefully Sabily designer team will take attention for this matter. We will discuss more about LXDE later. I also post a screenshot of Sabily in LXDE session.

Sabily in LXDE session screenshot.

Log out screenshot.

We will share more deep about LXDE in my future article.

Ubuntu 10.04 Installation In VirtualBox


Already success download Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx from Korea server. It takes about two hour for my ADSL line to finished it. Before try to install it on my extra PC, I like to run it on my virtual machine Sun Microsystems Virtualbox. Of course it will run on my Sabily 9.10 Gaza. There are new interface, theme and colors that Ubuntu 10.04 added for their lovely user. Ubuntu font also had been changed from an old type to a new future looks. I like to share my experience installing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx by using Virtualbox inside my Sabily.

After creating a virtual machine and modified some setting for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx, I start to run it.

Here is it new starting interface. Different font and color.

Installation welcome screen. I choose to Install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Setting up the clock. If you are not online, just skip this stage.

Select your location.

Select your keyboard layout.

Prepare disk space. Click Forward.

Your name and password to log in.

Ready to install, click Install.

Installation starts with so nice appearance. Welcome screen.

Copying files for installation. Some information about Firefox while installing in progress.

Information about entertainment.

Installation Complete. Click Restart Now to start using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx.

Start with Login screen.

Default theme for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx. Dark Grey border with white font. Wallpaper looks violet abstract. Ubuntu logo also white color.

Change to another wallpaper that bundled with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx.

Next I will try to install it on my extra PC with Abit KG7 Mainboard, AMD Athlon XP 1600, 1GB DDR1 and Sapphire Ati Radeon X800GT AGP. Hopefully it can be install without any problem and then I can pass it to my son. Let him experience it.

Virtualbox - New Version Update


One thing that I like about Sabily or Ubuntu is new version of software detect. If we run any software while we are online, it will detect for a new version of the software and request us to update it. If we don't want to update, just ignore it. For example that I want to show here is Virtualbox software. After I run it, information about a new version appeared and suggest me a link to download it. When I click on the suggestion link it direct me to a download location at Sun Microsystems server. Then I accept to download update version of Virtualbox and install it after that. Below picture is some of the screenshot that I take while update my Sun Virtualbox software.

New version of Virtualbox detected after I run it.

After click on the link, it direct me to the download location.

Right click and choose Open with GDebi Package Installer to install it.

Click on Install Package to start install.

Installation in progress.

Installation completed. Just click Close to end it.

Now I had a new version of Virtualbox without I'm waste my time to search for it.