Nanny - Parental Control Software


There are new parental control software that included in Sabily Manarat call Nanny. It replacement for Webstrict that bundled in the previous version of Sabily. This software is very important for parent that need to control the contents and time of their children using the Internet. Everybody knows that there is a lot of bad contents or Spam that uncontrolled keep on the Internet. It is impossible for us to stay all the time watching what our children browsing over the Internet. Nanny is very helpful for us to settle this problem. Compare with Webstrict, Nanny is much more easy to set up with it friendly user interface.

So, let see some screenshot and learn how to setup Nanny.

1. To start Nanny go to System/Administration, click on Parental Control.

2. Click the key button to start customize Nanny.

3. Enter your login password.

4. Now you can set how many hours to use Internet by click on the green button.
To filter an Internet content, click on Configure button. Before that, you have to get blacklist file that can be download from Nanny homepage.

5. You can download Nanny Blacklist file from nanny page at

6. After download Nanny Blacklist file, you have to import it to Blacklists Filter Configuration. This can be done by go to System/Administration, click on BlackLists.

7. To start import click on key button.

8. Enter your login password.

9. Click on Import.

10. Locate and select your downloaded nanny.nbl file. Click OK.

11. Nanny blacklist located. Close Blacklist Filter Configuration.

12. Click on Configure.

13. Now you can filter Web content by select it. After finished filtering, click Close.

14. Click Apply.

15. Your configuration has been saved. Close the information.

You has successful filtering Web content for your kid. Now you can try it by browsing any website with content that you already filtered before. If you satisfied, then you can let your children browsing Internet by them self. You don't need to monitor them.

p/s - please spread this information to all Muslim by share it to your Wall on facebook, twitter etc.

Electronics Software - Resistor Color Code Calculator


The most I like about Linux distro is its free software that can be install and remove at any time and it have more than a thousand that store on it repository. I will talk about each software that I'm using and that I think important to other people who using Linux distro especially Sabily and Ubuntu. So for this time I like to share about electronics software that I think very important for student and beginner of electronics. It is gResistor which software to calculate resistor value from it color code. If you had problem to remember the color code, this software is very helpful for you. To get gResistor software, you can follow this step,

1. Go to Applications then click on Ubuntu Software Center.

2. Select Science & Engineering.

3. Select Electronics.

4. Select gResistor. Click More Info to see information about it.

5. Click Install to install it on your systems.

6. After finished installation, you can find it under Applications/Accessories.

7. gResistor started.

There are many electronics software that you can find under Electronics such as CAD and Simulation. We will talk about it later. Hope you enjoy using gResistor software.

Sabily Manarat - Enable Graphics Driver


Here how I activate my ASUS ATI HD3850 graphics driver for Sabily Manarat. Also applicable for Ubuntu. This is important to enable 3D effect in our distro. From here also we can know either our graphics hardware can support for 3D effect or not. So, for who own a suitable graphics hardware for 3D effect, you can follow this step in order to activate your graphics driver.

1. Go to System/Administration, click on Hardware Drivers.

2. It will search for available drivers.

3. Drivers available. Click Activate to activate it.

4. Fill your password. then click Authenticate.

5. It will download and install the driver.

6. Driver installed. Restart your computer in able to activate it.

Now you can enable 3D effect and some applications that need powerful graphics engine.


Sabily In KDE - Get Sabily Inside Kubuntu


Hopefully you already success installed Kubuntu on your system. Now we try to get Sabily on to it by using updated command which are using to convert from Ubuntu to Sabily. If possible, we will get Sabily in KDE session or at least we get Kubuntu with Sabily theme and application. But for your information KDE session need more powerful hardware and if possible you must at least had big memory size in order to run it smoothly on your system. So, lets start get Sabily on to Kubuntu,

1.Open Terminal and run update command.

2. After finished reading package lists, run get sabily command.

3. Y to continue upgraded.

4. Updated in progress.

5. Select default display manager. kdm for KDE.

6. Updated finished. Close Terminal and reboot your system.

7. Yes, we get Sabily application running in Kubuntu by default.

8. Change to Sabily theme.

9. Screenshot of some Sabily application running on Kubuntu.

So we had successful updated Kubuntu to Sabily Manarat. I just call it Sabily in KDE session. To who that preferred KDE session but also want to support Islamic software like Sabily, you can try this method to get Sabily on your KDE system.


Sabily In KDE - Kubuntu 10.04 Installation Guide


I would like to get Sabily in KDE session. Last time I already publish about making Sabily in KDE desktop environment. In that article I install Kubuntu to Sabily. But for now I will try to get Sabily into Kubuntu which mean get all Sabily application, software and theme to run on Kubuntu. Then its looks like to have a name as KSabily mean Sabily in KDE session. Before we convert it, here I share about how to install Kubuntu to our system. Then we will get Sabily on to it. This guide I make by install Kubuntu in Virtualbox. I assume that you already know how to burn your KDE ISO file that you download to a CD/DVD and boot it on your system.

So the procedure to install Kubuntu on your system,

1) Download Kubuntu ISO file at Kubuntu homepage.

2) Burn it onto CD/DVD by using CD/DVD writer.

3) Start your PC then set it BIOS to boot from CD/DVD (PC that you want to install Kubuntu).

4) Put your Kubuntu disc on the PC and reboot.

5) Installation process begin.

a) Select menu language. Default is English US.

b) Select "Install Kubuntu".

c) Select installation language that you prefer then click "Forward".

d) Select your location then click "Forward".

e) Select your keyboard layout then click "Forward".

f) Select your partition method and size then click "Forward".

g) Fill your name and password then click "Forward".

h) Summary of your setting. Check it out and click "Install".

Your installation of Kubuntu should start now.

Some screenshot while installation process. Wait until complete.

While downloading language packs, I skip it cause my preferred language is English. This will save installation time cause we not need to wait for download.

Installation Complete. Click "Restart Now".

Your computer should boot to Kubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Congratulation if you had success install Kubuntu on your system.
Next article we get Sabily Manarat on to it.

Ubuntu 10.04 to Sabily Manarat 10.04


I had a little time to try converting from Ubuntu 10.04 to Sabily Manarat 10.04 and it was successfully work. So I think this experience is very important to Ubuntu user who had feel to change their Ubuntu to Sabily but unsure to do it. Converting from Ubuntu to Sabily are more easy to do compare with upgrading from Sabily Gaza to Sabily Manarat which we need to upgrade it to previous Ubuntu then convert it back to Sabily. I will discuss about upgrading later. Please note that I try this from inside my Virtualbox since I already use Sabily Manarat. Anyway it will work same as normal operating system installation.
I also hope this guide will attract Ubuntu user especially Muslim to convert their distro to Sabily and support for Islamic software development. Lets follow this guide to convert from Ubuntu 10.04 to Sabily Manarat.

Please make sure your Internet connection and speed is good. Then you can try this.

1. Open your terminal and run this command, sudo add-apt-repository && sudo apt-get -q update

2. Then this command, sudo apt-get install sabily

3. To continue, enter 'Y'.

4. Wait until finish. About 10 to 20 minutes on my system.

5. It finished. Exit terminal and reboot your system.

6. You got it. Sabily Manarat take place but mix with Ubuntu theme.

7. To fully customize Sabily Manarat, you should change theme to HumanME and change to Manarat wallpaper that you can find from, File System/lib/plymouth/themes/sabily

8. Then you really got Sabily Manarat 10.04.

Congratulation for your successfully converting from Ubuntu 10.04 to Sabily Manarat 10.04. Lets spread this info to others.