Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2

Here some screenshot of Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 codename Oneiric Ocelot. New picture of installation had been added and new looks of Ubuntu Software Center interface. In this version also they use Gnome latest version 3.1.92. So next we will get full version which mention on their schedule suppose to be at the end of October 2011.

01. Welcome screen. New picture.
 02. Complete installation.
03. Gnome 3.1.92
04. New look of Ubuntu Software Center.


Installing Windows 8 Inside Linux Sabily

Windows 8 will be released soon. Now they had released Developer Preview version. You can download it from Microsoft download page. If you plan to install Windows 8 on your Linux, you just need to use virtual machine for example Virtualbox like what I'm doing. Then you can try it without remove your lovely distro from your machine. Lets see some screenshot that I take while installation process of Windows 8 on my Linux Sabily Badr 11.04.

01. Ready to start Windows 8 installation by using Virtualbox OSE.
02. Start screen.
03. Language and other preferences info. Same as Windows 7.
04. Ready to install button.
05. Setup is starting...
06. License terms to accept.
07. Installation type to select.
08. Location to install and partitioning.
09. Installation in progress.
10. Getting devices ready...
11. Preparing...
12. Personalize. It was surprise because they use green color.
13. Finalizing settings.
14. Log in.
15. Default desktop. It was customize for touch screen display.
16. Desktop environment.
17. Windows 8 Developer preview successful install inside Linux Sabily Badr 11.04.
18. Setting widget. Shut down pop up.

If you plan to make dual boot between Windows 8 and Linux, the easiest way is you need to install Windows first then follow by Linux.


New Alternative Wallpaper and Banner for Sabily 11.10 Uhud

I created new wallpaper for Sabily distro. I mean it was an unofficial wallpaper. An alternative for the current one. You can download it from this link, http://sabi.ly/f/f3LAs or just click on the picture then zoom, right click and save as to your pictures folder.
Also banner to promote Sabily Uhud 11.10. It was 768x90 and 468x60. You can use it on your blog, website, sosial network and etc. Hopefully it can be use to promote Sabily distro.

Alternative wallpaper. http://sabi.ly/f/f3LAs
Banner 768x90. http://sabi.ly/f/o5RDm
Banner 468x60. http://sabi.ly/f/k6QYy

Islamic Software and Applications Inside Sabily 11.04 Badr

The most important thing in Sabily is an Islamic software and applications that insert into it as well as themes, wallpaper, mouse pointer and others. As we know it as the Islamic operating system. Ubuntu also recognize and call it Ubuntu Muslim Remix. What I want to discuss here is about its Islamic software and application. I had list out all of the software and application that we can get and use in our daily life as Muslim. All of the software is very good and important in the need of Muslim life.
In Sabily, to see all the Islamic software or application, you can go to Applications/Islamic Software. There you will got shortcut to run any of them. 
Let's look at all of the software screenshot one by one. You can read some info of the software on the screenshot. 

01. Fsool - Prophet Muhammad Vita (biography).
 Fsool start.
 02. Hijra Applet - Islamic calendar.
 Hijra Applet start.
 03. Minbar Prayer Times - Islamic prayer times.
 Minbar Prayer Times start.
 04. Monajat - Islamic supplications tray applet (du'a).
 Monajat pop up.
 05. Rejaal - Men around the prophet (companions).
 Rejaal start.
 06. Thawab - Electronic Arabic/Islamic Encyclopedia.
 Thawab start.
 07. Zakat Calculator - Zakat calculation tool.
 Zakat Calculator start.
 08. Noor - Quran viewer.
 Noor start.
 09. Othman - Othmani Quran browser.
 Othman start.
 10. Zekr - Quran study tool. Read, listen, search etc.
 Zekr start.
That is a list of the Islamic software and applications that already installed on Sabily 11.04 Badr. There also educational games, Internet filtering tools and etc which is very good for Muslim user. Hopefully I will have time to write about it later.


Make Transparent Panel

I have read question about "how to make transparent panel on ubuntu?" on one computer magazine. The answer just by text only without example picture. So I make example about it with picture. Maybe you also want to know how to make transparent panel on Sabily. This method is same on Ubuntu too.

Lets try,

01. First, right click on the Panel. Then click on Properties.
02. Click on Background menu. Select Solid color.
03. Drag the Style to Transparent. Your panel now transparent.
04. You also can use picture for your panel background by select Background image. Then locate the image that you like. Now your panel use background image.
You can create more Panel by click on New Panel after right click on the Panel.


Firefox Personas - Sabily Badr theme

I had created Sabily Badr theme for Mozilla Firefox Personas. So if you interested, please use it. Maybe some people still don't know what is Firefox Personas. Here some information about it. Also the link to our Sabily Badr Firefox Personas.

What is Firefox Personas?
- Personas are easy to use theme that let you personalize the look of your Firefox web browser.
- Just install it by clicking on button on personas homepage then you can personalize your Firefox web browser.

Example Firefox without personas install.
Example Firefox with personas installed.
You also can create your own personas. Built, then submit it to share with other users.

 - for header, you need to create jpg or png format picture with 3000px width and 200px height.

 - for footer also same you need jpg or png format picture at 3000px width and 100px height.

The file must below than 300kb of size.
If you interested and have much time, lets try to create your own personas and share it with others.

Here is link to Sabily Badr personas. You can help to spread Sabily by wear this personas to your Firefox web browser.

Screenshot of Firefox with Sabily Badr personas.