Customize Wallpaper.

  Sabily 11.04 Badr default background.

      New screenshot of my Sabily with Faez icon theme + Calligraphy wallpaper + Cairo Dock + Compiz config enable. Share it.
      I will post some of my customize and modify item like Wallpaper, Graphic, Icon, Theme, etc here. So if you like my job you can download and share it. 
You also can share your customize items here by email to,
     For the first one I would like to share my latest edited background picture of Life_by_Paco_Espinoza.jpg by adding a verse of Al-A'laa which is I think suitable for that picture. Al-A'laa is one of the most famous verse of our prophet Muhammad SAW where he will recited it on Jumu'a (Friday) prayer.

Click on picture to download it.



  1. Thanks and welcome Mr. Paco Espinoza. Never think you will visit here. :-)

  2. al-badr will be wonderful OS the world ever had its amazing :)

  3. one sabily for all muslim i hope it will be exist for lifetime :D

  4. where you get the sidebar at rightside???its look so stylish...

  5. It was docking software, Cairo Dock. You can found it at Ubuntu Software Center.

  6. thanks to sabilyblogsphere...i think i want try it too...

  7. hi! i realy want it but how to get it??? i want the ultimate but is too big for download???