Linux Sabily - Installation To An Old PC - Final

Installation Linux Sabily on an old PC is no longer impossible. Sharing with my experience, Sabily already run on my old PC even installation process took about 2 hours. I need to add more memory regarding this matter. Please remember, I cannot use CD image on Sabily download sites, so I use DVD media that I already burn for my previous PC installation. Means need to use DVD ROM also.
Maybe for whom that already buy new PC with Windows had installed, don't want to take risk by changing to Sabily. So now you should have confident to install it on your old PC for experimentation. You also can buy or get scrap PC from scrap area and have fun by installing Sabily on it. Anyway, don't expected to have 3D effect on it since old PC graphic memory matter.
You can see system information of my old PC on the screenshot below.
You can download Sysinfo deb package at gift area bottom of this blog. It is for Sabily ver 9.04.

General System Information.

CPU Information.

Memory information. Add more is better.

Save file of System Information.


  1. Can you sell PC with Linux Sabily install in it?

  2. Yes, that is my future plan to spread Sabily. Do you want to be my first customer? I had built one set with Sabily installed already. It cost RM1k.

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  4. Thanks a lot. Do support to linuxsabily site..