Hi, I am meorBu. Administrator  and writer for this blog, Sabily Blogsphere. I created this blog purposely to support developer and user of Sabily distro. Of course I like Sabily very much, then it fill most of my free time nowadays.

Actually I'm not Software Engineer nor Designer but time to time I learned and hopefully soon can become to it.

Writing this blog is to promote Sabily operating system and at the same time, fill my free time that I have in my house. So I can spend many of my minutes together with my family since they always near with me.

I hope Sabily can spread in this world especially in Malaysia soon. It is very good operating system if you want to control or monitor the use of computer in your house. It also suitable  to be using in office, school, mosque etc. Clean and safe computing.

So, if you have any question or interested in Sabily or other distro too, you can ask to me on this blog. Hopefully I can support and answer your question. If I don't know the answer, I will help you to find it. Insya'Allah.

You also can e-mail me at,

Lets have new computing experience by using Sabily.



  1. assalamualaikum.

    bro..kenape setup linux saye dapat RED screen? masalah ape eh?

  2. maksud red screen adalah normal ubuntu setup screen?...

  3. bro meorbu tolongin dong

  4. graphicnya tak power... jika install sabily, default terus ke gnome classic...

  5. i'm very glad find this blog
    thank's a lot guys

  6. I’ve always loved your blog. I have write about open source project in the Indonesian language. I hope can acquaint them about Islamic applications based on open sourrce