Sabily - Islamic Software

As we know, what is different between Sabily and Ubuntu is an extra Islamic software that already bundled with Sabily. So, you don't need to search for Islamic software. I list out all of the Islamic software that bundled with Sabily. Detail about the software will be discuss later.

You can get all the Islamic software at Applications/Islamic Software.
It have,
  • Hijra Applet
  • Minbar Prayer Times
  • Monajat
  • Othman Mus-haf
  • Thwab
  • Zekr
List of software.

Hijra Applet.

Minbar Prayer Times.


Othman Mus-haf.



Next we will discuss about description of all the Islamic Software.


  1. assalamu aleykum,
    dear beloved brother,
    i wanna know if i can install these app in linuxMint for example or in any other distro...

  2. LinuxMint, this distro also popular to Linux user. I will try to install Islamic software from Sabily to LinuxMint. It is better for me to share step by step process from download stage to Islamic software installation. I'll put it on the next article where we will talk about LinuxMint.