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I try to install Winamp on Sabily using Wine software. After that I try to play mp3 with it and it work with good sound. Anyway it have problem with the equalizer and counter. If you change the preset, sound is change but the preset indicator never change. Counter also not change while music playing but the file play correctly. I will ask software designer about this matter. Anyway you can listen to the sound and adjust it volume normally.

Step to install Winamp,

First, you have to download Winamp software. If you in Sabily, it will detected that it software not support to Linux. Ignore it and proceed to download Winamp for Windows version.

After you get the Winamp installation file, right click on it and choose Open with Wine Windows Program Loader.

Follow the installation requirement till finish.

Finish installation.

To start Winamp go to Application/Wine/Programs/Winamp and click on Winamp.

Winamp programme start.

Be inform that to make Winamp found and play your music file, you must put you music file in Wine C: directory. However, it also can detect you portable drive.

Go to Applications/Wine click on Browse C:\Drive.

Store or paste your music file here.

There are lot of music player that you can found in Ubuntu or Sabily and the most popular is Rhythmbox Music Player and Amarok. When I switch to Ubuntu then Sabily, I use this music player as I use Winamp before. I think, after you already expert to use Sabily, you will forget to your lovely music player in Windows, Winamp. Unless they are ready to support Linux family.

Example of Music Player programme.

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  1. Or you can use Audacious Media Player (for linux), where this player 80% like winamp style..