Islamic Software Inside Sabily - Monajat

Monajat is an Islamic software that included in Sabily package. It is supplications pop up on your desktop that will appeared depend on your setting. In Sabily 11.10 Uhud, there are some new item that added in Monajat. One is countdown to prayer time that will appeared together with the supplications and another one is Athan that will sound when the time came for prayer. In Monajat, full Athan will sound different with Minbar software that only pack with sample Athan. Location and Athan feature can be set at configure option.
Next time maybe they will add supplication recitation sound in Monajat that I think it is better for user.
Here is some screenshot of Monajat, Islamic software inside Sabily.

01. Generic configuration.
 02. Location configuration.
 03. Notification configuration.
 04. Monajat pop up with reminder for next prayer.
 05. Pray time that appeared by right click on Monajat icon.


Sabily 11.10 Uhud Beta - Tested On Virtualbox

So you can not wait for the latest release version of Sabily 11.10 Uhud, we see the first Beta version was launched yesterday by Sabily project founder Mr. JMehdi. It set default to Ubuntu Unity session and can run smoothly. You also have an opportunity to log in Gnome, Gnome Classic and Ubuntu 2D. Please Gnome mean Gnome3, so it will be different from Gnome2. Select Gnome Classic(No effects) so you will feel like old Gnome2 session.
In Ubuntu Unity session, we cannot get shortcut to all Islamic software and applications. So we need to search it separately. I requested them to fix this matter, so we can get group of Islamic software and applications.
Tested on Virtualbox smoothly on Ubuntu Unity session but crashed on Gnome session. I think due to graphics driver matter on Virtualbox. Hopefully soon they will fix it since Gnome3 is still new for us.
I see Sabily 11.10 Uhud in Ubuntu Unity session with green colour theme was very match and looks very beauty. Uhud wallpaper also very cool that shows hardwork from Sabily wallpaper designer Mr. Muslih.
But they are still no new themes for Sabily so they still use the old theme. Hopefully more voluntary contributor will joint Sabily team in order to help expand the use of Sabily operating system.

Lets see some screenshot of Sabily 11.10 Uhud Beta with comment.

01. Live session.
 02. Installation starts.
 03. Installation setting info.
 04. Installation option.
 05. Ready to install.
 06. Location selection.
 07. Keyboard layout.
 08. User information.
 09. Installation completed.
 10. Sabily 11.10 Uhud Beta starts.
 11. Default session desktop.
 12. Search applications and filter result. Need to add Islamic software here.
 13. System info. Shall they change it to Sabily 11.10.
 14. Login screen. More option to log in.
 15. Gnome session.
 16. Another Gnome screenshot.
 17. Gnome crashed.
 18. Gnome classic session.
 19. System setting in Ubuntu Unity.

Ten day left from now their target to released full version of Sabily 11.10 Uhud. Before that I will try to install beta version on actual system and report the result of it.
If you like to try beta version on your system please download it from here.


Sabily Uhud 11.10 Is Coming

Yes, Sabily Uhud 11.10 target will be release on November 13th. Included here is the countdown banner that can be use to promote it.

Banner 1

Banner 2

To put these images on your websites, logs, forum signatures etc. just use the following URL:

For example, to use it in a forum signature:

You can set the "theme" parameter to 1 or 2.

Official announcement can be see at

Lets promote Sabily.