Linux Mint 8 on VirtualBox - Virtual Machine Setting


After creating Linux Mint 8 virtual machine, we need to modified some setting on it in order make Linux Mint 8 Live DVD ISO file bootable on VirtualBox. It including memory size, file location etc.

1. Select Linux Mint 8 virtual drive and click on Setting.

2. Select Display and adjust its Video Memory size. Mark on Enable 3D Acceleration.

2. Select Storage. On IDE Controller, Select Empty. Locate your ISO file by click on folder icon at CD/DVD Device under Attributes.

3. Click on Add button.

4. Locate your Linux Mint 8 ISO file.

5. Select on Linux Mint 8 ISO file.

6. Click OK.

7. Your Linux Mint 8 virtual machine setting completed. It will be able to boot on VirtualBox when we start it.

Next we will start Linux Mint 8 on VirtualBox and maybe it will have some setting also we need to configure.

Linux Mint 8 on VirtualBox - Creating Virtual Machine


After downloaded Linux Mint 8 live DVD ISO file, I would like to try it on a VirtualBox before install it on a new system. My VirtualBox running in Sabily operating system. It should be same step also to another operating systems. In this article firstly I will show how to create a virtual machine for Linux Mint 8 to run inside a VirtualBox.

1. Run your VirtualBox programme. Click on New icon.

2. Welcome screen will appear. Click Next.

3. Naming your Virtual Machine and specified OS Type. Click Next.

4. Specified your memory size. Click Next.

5. Create new hard disk. Click Next.

6. Welcome screen for Create New Virtual Disk. Click Next.

7. Specified Hard Disk storage type. Click Next.

8. Specified Virtual Disk location and size. Click Next.

9. Summary of your virtual hard disk and it location. Click Finish.

10. Summary of your Virtual Machine. Click Finish.

11. Your new Virtual Machine created.

Next I will show some setting we need to do on the Linux Mint 8 Virtual Machine before we can run it on VirtualBox.

Linux Mint - Overview and Download


We had a question from our visitor is it possible to install an Islamic software inside Sabily to his favorite distro, Linux Mint. Before we try it, we need to get Linux Mint and install it to our system first. For this case, I will share my experience about Linux Mint from downloading until an installation of Sabily Islamic software inside it.
Browsing Linux Mint homepage, I found that Linux Mint and Sabily is about same cause both are base from Ubuntu. So I think we will not facing any problem to install Sabily Islamic software inside it. I already download live DVD for Linux Mint 8. Next step I will try to run it inside my Virtualbox software.
Below picture is some of Linux Mint screenshot that I copy from Linux Mint homepage.

Default wallpaper for Linux Mint. Looks very cool.

Main page of Linux Mint homepage.

Linux Mint download page. Latest is version 8.

Next I will show how to run it inside Virtualbox of my Sabily distro.

Sabily Manarat Brainstorming


Sabily team now collecting any idea to include in the next Sabily 10.04 Manarat. If you have any idea that you think should be include in the next release, you can share it here. You also can mail it to . Any idea is welcome cause it will be filter by Sabily team later. This is a good opportunity for you to contribute in Sabily. This brainstorming will close at the end of February 2010.

Sabily Forum In Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia


Good news for Malaysian and Indonesian. Sabily forum now available in Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia. Hopefully Sabily user from Malaysia and Indonesia can utilize it and inform to all of their friend about this. Sabily forum for Bahasa Melayu will be moderate by me and for Bahasa Indonesia will be moderate by Mr. dnaftali. Thanks to Sabily team for their contribution to Malaysian and Indonesian user.

Screenshot of Sabily forum in Malay and Indonesian language.

GEDA - Electronics Circuit Design Tools


What is gEDA? Electronics engineer and technician who want to install Ubuntu or Sabily on their system maybe scare they will unable to get any Electronics Design Software for open source system, but there is one good Electronics Design software which can used for electrical circuit design, schematic capture, simulation, prototyping, and production. This software call gEDA. It project has produced and continues working on a full GPL'd suite and toolkit of Electronics Design Automation tools. So this article will share how to install gEDA step by step,

Open your Terminal and run this command, "sudo apt-get install geda".

Key in "y" to start installation of gEDA.

Installation start.

You have to wait about 10 minutes.

Installation finish. Close your Terminal.

Now you can found gEDA software in your Application/Electronics.

Now you can start draw your Electronics Design.

It is not possible to do anything inside Ubuntu/Sabily distro like other operating system. Hopefully Ubuntu/Sabily can be spreads widely in the future.

Full Circle Magazine - Issue 33


Most famous Ubuntu magazine, Full circle issue 33 is out. You can download it from here. Issue 33 topics,
  • Command and Conquer.
  • How-To : Program in Python – Part 7, Create A Media Center with a Revo, Ubuntu and Boxee, and The Perfect Server – Part 3.
  • My Story – Ubuntu in Public Education, and Why I Use Linux.
  • Review – Exaile.
  • MOTU Interview – Didier Roche.
  • Top 5 – Synchronization Clients.
  • Ubuntu Women, Ubuntu Games and all the usual goodness!

Enjoy reading and utilize it information.