Linux Sabily - Installation To An Old PC - Part 2

After download CD ISO image from Sabily homepage, I burned it to an empty CD-R. But I had a bad result, the CD-R cannot boot. After burned one more CD-R, result is same. Cannot boot. Then I have no choice, changing my old PC CDROM to DVD-RW temporarily in able to install Sabily on my old machine by using DVD boot disc that I make before.

Below is the result.

Boot failure.

Changing to DVD-RW and by using DVD boot media, it able to install.

Installing System - Partitions Formatting.

Installing System.

Installation Completed.

Entering Sabily smoothly.

Installation to my old PC completed and success in about 2 hours. I think its better to fix more SD RAM to it. In the last part we will check it systems information by using Sysinfo software.

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