linuX-gamers - More Games for Ubuntu Sabily

What about more games on Sabily or Ubuntu? Now I found solution for this by installing linuX-gamers distro inside my Sabily by using Virtualbox and I can play it very smooth.
So, linuX-gamers is design only for playing games distro. You can burn it on CD or make bootable USB then run it on your machine without need to install it on your hard drive. Very good solution for Linux addicted gamers. It also support for 3D games like Serious Sam or Quake Wars.
For me, I found it as solution for less games that bundled with Sabily package. My son very happy about this.
You can see a screenshot of linuX-gamers that run inside my Sabily. More information can be get at Enjoy gaming..

Start installation of linuX-gamers inside my Sabily by using Virtualbox.

linuX-gamers on action.

List of the games on CD lite version. More on DVD or USB big version.

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