Wisabi 10.10 - Wubi for Sabily

    Good news for Windows user who searching for Wubi of Sabily. Sabily team already announced their Windows installer call Wisabi means Windows Sabily Installer. Released version Wisabi 10.10 where can be use to install Sabily inside your Windows same as Wubi for Ubuntu. Wisabi 10.10 released to each package for Sabily small, full and ultimate version. So, for Windows user that search for it, what are you waiting for? Lets download it and install Sabily on your Windows system. Don't worry, you can uninstall Sabily at any time if you feel didn't like it but I think you will not after you use Sabily.

You can download Wisabi from here,
small version
full version
ultimate version

You can go to Sabily official announcement page or report any problem here.

    To use Wisabi, just place it and your Sabily ISO file together for example in Flash Drive then run Wisabi. Then follow as Wubi installer.

 I share some of Wisabi screenshot.

01. Run Wisabi, fill your Windows password then click Install.
02. Installation starts.
03. Click Finish to reboot and completing Sabily Setup Wizard. After reboot Sabily installation process is same as normal Sabily installation. Please make sure that you not place Sabily file on bootable locations cause it will install Sabily as new installation.
04. You can uninstall Sabily like other Windows program.

Wish you happy and enjoy to try Sabily.


Badge and Stickers to Promote Sabily

     I edit some of Sabily brand item to create a badge and some sticker as material for promoting Sabily. You can copy, print and stick it to your Sabily machine. You also can pass it to your contacts for introducing Sabily. Maybe they can stick it at their Computer Shops, Internet Cafe, IT Centre, Community etc. Thanks for supporting Sabily operating system.

Right click on the picture to save it on your machine.

01. Sabily Badge
 02. Operated by Sabily white.
 03. Operated by Sabily green round.
 04. Operated by Sabily black.

Lets promote Sabily.


Sabily New Icon Theme

     On Sabily mailing list they link to new unofficial theme for Sabily distro named faiz icon theme. I download and try it. Very beauty icon appearance I got since Sabily not yet update or release new icon theme before. So if you interested you should download this icon theme cause it very suitable to replace the old one.

Here one screenshot of my Sabily desktop using faiz icon theme.


CompizConfig Burn Animations Video

     Here I upload CompizConfig Burn animations video. I post separately because it take too long time for upload. So now you can see the video on this post.


CompizConfig Extra Animations and Effect Installation

     I confirm that an extra effect or animation for CompizConfig is disable on Sabily Al-Quds. There Sabily users who ask about it in the forum Sabily in Malay. He request how to get Burn animations on Al-Quds. If you have suitable graphics engine, why not you enable an extra animation? Here I show how to install it then enable an extra animation and effect for CompizConfig. I assume that you already activated your graphics driver.

01. In this picture shows a limited of animations on CompizConfig.
02. Install an extra animations and effect for CompizConfig by running this command, sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-plugins-extra .
03. Installation in progress.
04. Installation finished.
05. In this picture shows additional extra animations on CompizConfig.

     Now you can enable many animations and effect on your Sabily Al-Quds which you can't get on other than Linux distributions.


Adding Kubuntu (KDE) and Lubuntu (LXDE) to Sabily

It is not difficult to add KDE and LXDE to Sabily. We just need to run two command to make it done. KDE and LXDE that I mention here is of course Kubuntu and Lubuntu where all their software and environment will be joint with Sabily which is GNOME. So we will get three optional environment that can be select as we like. Does not it interest you?
This is an opportunity for KDE and LXDE person to use Sabily on their system because they still can get their required environment. Other than that normal Sabily user with GNOME environment, get an opportunity to try KDE or LXDE.
Before this I had try to add Sabily in Kubuntu and Lubuntu. It can be install but some Islamic software fail to work and not fully installed to it. After finished add KDE and LXDE to Sabily, now I get solution where to get all Islamic software installed and work successfully, we need to install Kubuntu or Lubuntu to Sabily either than add Sabily to Kubuntu or Lubuntu. We still can get option either want to load GNOME, KDE or LXDE as a base environment.  About software, you will get it all and it will work in any environment. So we get bundled of combination software from Sabily, Kubuntu and Lubuntu.
I think you should be interest to do this. Let's install them to your Sabily.

Open your terminal,

01. First we install Kubuntu desktop. Run this command, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop .
 02. Type "y" and enter.
03. Enter.
04. You have option here. Just enter. 
05. Wait until Kubuntu installation complete than we install Lubuntu. Run this command, sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop .
06. Type "y" and enter.
07. Enter.
08. Now you have three option here. Select gdm for GNOME and enter. ( you can select kdm for KDE or lxdm for LXDE ).
09. Wait until installation complete.
10. Restart you system then you will get some option when log in. Select which desktop environment that you like then log in.
Now you get three optional environment that can be select either one that you interest. Inside it you will find some new software had been installed which is from Kubuntu and Lubuntu repository. All this software should be work in any environment. If you won't like it, you can uninstall it from Ubuntu Software Center at the bottom of Applications menu.
So if you had successed done it, now you can spend some time browse around it. Keep in mind that there a lot of thing or for me fun that can be done on Linux distro like Sabily or Ubuntu.


Sabily Promotion Team

     Sabily Management Committee had launch new team call Sabily Promotion Team. This team member will help to spread Sabily all over the world. It open to everybody who interest to participate spreading Sabily by help user on IRC, on forum, make announcement on website, blog etc or you talk about Sabily on your sites.
     You also will have some advantage by joint this group where you can get, new email @ sabily.org, free FTP storage, participate in team decision, write on Sabily's blog and after some time of real participation, sabily's gifts like t-shirts or other goodies.
     So what you are waiting for? Lets see their announcement and ask for membership there. http://www.sabily.org/website/en/component/content/article/6-news/422-sabily-promotion-team.html