Sabily is an operating system which is customize from an Ubuntu the most popular Linux operating system by adding Islamic theme and Islamic software into it. Named "Sabily" is a word from verse of Yusuf aya 108 means "my way". Development of Sabily operating system hopefully can support Muslim all over the world in order to not so dwelling on using computer session. They will be remind by an Islamic software like praying alert that will appear when its time to pray, Hijri calendar, du'a pop up, Zekr, read and listen to Quran and etc. Sabily also had a software that can control computer session of your children so you no need to monitor them. Hopefully this effort by Muslim computer software programmer from all over the world will get blessing from Allah and get support from Muslim computer user. Please remember all of that software is free to use and free to re develop again.
     Sabily invent by Mr. Mehdi Megnon from France with programmer Bro Abdelmonam Kouka, Tunisian. Aside that, there also some programmer and software engineer that together actively build up Sabily. There are Bro Saber Omri, Ahmad El Mahmoudy, Muslih Al Akkad, Cegerxwin, Khedira Bilel, Bilal Asadi, AinulHakim and many more that can be found on Sabily team at Launchpad. They are from all over the world like Tunisia, Indonesia Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Germany, Malaysia and other country also. They work very hard with free services in order build up Sabily by hope that it can help Muslim computer user in computer system development and information technology.
     Until now Sabily had launched it new version 10.10 with codename Al-Quds which parallel with Ubuntu version 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. First bond of Sabily is from the launched of Ubuntu version 7.04 named at that time Ubuntu Muslim Edition. Change name to Sabily on version 9.04. New Sabily version released same as Ubuntu which is twice a year  on April and October. It version can be specified by year and month for example version 8.04 is year of 2008 month of April.

Here I list out all of Sabily released,   

     UbuntuME 7.04 released 12/10/2007

     UbuntuME 7.10 released 02/12/2007

     UbuntuME 8.04 released 17/05/2008

     UbuntuME 8.04.1 released 22/07/2008

     UbuntuME 8.10 released 19/11/2008

     Sabily 9.04 Taibah released 12/05/2009
     Sabily 9.10 Gaza released 27/12/2009
     Sabily 10.04 Manarat released 28/06/2010
     Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds released 02/11/2010

     Existent of Sabily hopefully can unite all Muslim over the world by using same Islamic operating system together in one community call Sabily.

Go to Sabily Homepage.

p/s - all this information is from my study, research and experience about Sabily. Maybe some information is different from what you expected.



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  2. Awesome. i have been using sabily since it was named like this. i.e 9.04 edition. and regularly upgraded it. now upgrading to 11.04

  3. Alhamdulillah... Together we spread it...

  4. Is sabily dead?

  5. Please support our team to redevelop it...

  6. how to ownload it??? i would like to have too