Sabily - Installation Inside Windows XP Part 2

Before Sabily can be install in Windows XP, we need to create a virtual machine by using Virtualbox. To create a virtual machine, please follow this step.

Start your Virtualbox.

Just cancel the registration form.

Welcome screen.

Click on New tab and Create New Virtual Machine welcome screen appear.

Name your Virtual Machine and choose your OS type.

Select amount of memory to use.

Create new hard disk.

Welcome screen for Create New Virtual Disk appear.

Select hard disk storage type - Dynamically expanding storage.

Select virtual disk location and size - Just left to default.

Summary of the setting - Finish.

Summary of the parameter - Finish.

New virtual machine is created - Sabily9_04.

Thats it, we already create a virtual machine for Sabily inside Windows XP.
Next we will set up our Sabily 9_04 virtual machine to boot from our Sabily 9.04 iso image.

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