Sabily Software - Equalizer for Rhythmbox


When I'm inside Sabily, for play my mp3 file I always use Rhythmbox as my favourite player. It is a very good music player for me. One day, when I want to adjust its sound by using an equalizer, I can't found it on the plugins list. Then I search on the Internet and found third party equalizer for Rhythmbox at homepage. Before that I already found some tip from other place how to get equalizer for Rhythmbox but I think at homepage one is the most easiest way to get it. Let's share how I got it for my lovely music player, Rhythmbox.

Go to

At 10 Band Equalizer, click on Alternative Homepage. You will be direct to LIRMM homepage.

Below Install title, copy all the code.

Open your Terminal and paste the code on it.

After you paste it, equalizer will be installed immediately and automatically.

To see the equalizer, run your Rhythmbox. If you already open it while you install the equalizer, you need to close and run it back. Go to Edit and click on Plugins.

Tick on Equalizer plugins to enable it. You also can configure it from here.

After configure, type a name for the preset that you already set. To resetting it back, just click on 10 Band Equalizer menu on Rhythmbox.

Now you can have better sound for your Rhythmbox music player same as Winamp when you use Windows last time.
Next I will search a Skins for our Rhythmbox music player to get a better interface for it.

New Theme of my Sabily


I had download a new theme from gnome homepage and change my default Sabily theme. Wallpaper also I change with some word of Sabily 9.10 Gaza that I added myself. It looks nice to my eye. Don't know your opinion.

Here is my new theme of Sabily.

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Beta 1 - First Experience on Virtualbox


I had download Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Long Term Support) Beta 1 and run on Virtualbox to browse and get first experience on it. Installing it on my system is very smooth without any problem occur. It was very surprise amazing appearance that they had modified for this new version. Very beautiful colour and font to change the very old style one. Its a right time for them to change it in this new and modern world. I like to share some of the screenshot that I take while installing Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 1.

Start screen for installing Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 1.

Installation going to start.

Default theme after finished installing Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 1.

Now we have to wait for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS release in order to experience a full feature OS that they offer about 21 days to go from now.

Sabily Software - Print Screen With Timer


Talking more about Sabily software, one that I can't get in windows is to take screenshot by using timer either than push Print Screen button on keyboard. So we can take screenshot of our activity on screen at anytime by using timer.

To start Take Screenshot, go to Application/Accessories.

Example to take screenshot after 5 seconds.

Next we will talk about another software that we only can get in Sabily.

Ubuntu Sabily Software - Calculator With Many View


I like to talk about Sabily application, Calculator. In Sabily (maybe Ubuntu too) its Calculator application had many views depend on what is the items that we want to calculate. For example if you're an engineer, you can view your calculator to Scientific and if you're involved in business, you should view your calculator to Financial. Let see all the view of the calculator that we can have.

To start Calculator, go to Applications/Accessories - Calculator.

First view, Basic. Most use for normal user.

Second view, Advanced. Advanced view for normal user.

Third view, Financial. Suitable for Accountant or Businessmen.

Fourth view, Scientific. Suitable for Engineer.

Fifth view, Programming. Suitable for Programmer.

So, I suggest for who that interest in Sabily or Ubuntu software better to install this operating system cause it have many facilities to users and its free.

Full Circle Magazine - Issue 35

Full Circle Issue 35. Lets see what we have in this issue,
  • Command and Conquer.
  • How-To : Program in Python – Part 9, Digitally Retouching a Photo in GIMP – Part 2, and Installing Google SketchUp using Wine.
  • Review – Motorola Milestone/Droid.
  • MOTU Interview – Pedro Fragoso.
  • Top 5 – Android Applications.
  • Ubuntu Women, Ubuntu Games, My Opinion, My Story, and all the usual goodness!
Issue 35 Cover page.

Issue 35 TOC page.

Linux Sabily 3D Games Installation - Street Fighter IV Benchmark


Most of young computer user must be like to have a computer that can run 3D games smoothly. What about operating system like Sabily? Can we run 3D games inside it. Most games are design for Windows operating systems. Very less support for Linux base operating system. So I try to run benchmark of the games on Linux Sabily. For this time I will try Street Fighter IV and run using Wine. Lets see how I installed it.

After download Street Fighter IV benchmark file, right click on it and choose Open With Wine.

Select Setup Language.

Preparing to Install.

InstallShield Wizard. Click Next.

Accept the license and click Next.

Locate Destination Folder and click Next.

Ready to Install. Click Install.

Installation in progress.

Installation Completed.

To run it, you can find it at Application/Wine/Programs/CAPCOM/STREET FIGHTER IV BENCHMARK.

I try to run it on my systems but it picture slightly blur cause of built in GPU that I'm using. Later I will reinstall back my ATI GPU in order to run Street Fighter IV Benchmark on my system. I will share it later.