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My Hardware To Run Sabily

What is my hardware to run Sabily? I listed it here for your reference when you decide to use Sabily or Ubuntu.

01. Motherboard/Mainboard

    MSI K9N Ultra MS-7250 VER: 2.0 . This motherboard make by Micro-Star International or MSI. One of the most popular motherboard manufacturer. This motherboard specification can be seen here.
Basic info about it.

Socket                           AM2

CPU (Max Support)            Athlon 64 X2

AM3 CPU Ready              N/A

FSB / Hyper Transport Bus  1GHz

Chipset                          NVIDIA® nForce 570 Ultra MCP

DDR2 Memory                  DDR2 533/667/800

Memory Channel               Dual

DIMM Slots                      4

Max Memory (GB)              8

PCI-Ex16                         1

PCI-E Gen                       Gen1 (1x16)

02. Processor

    AMD Athlon LE-1660

03. Memory

    1. DDR800 1 Gb Kingston

    2. DDR800 1 Gb OCZ

04. Graphics Card

    ASUS EAH3850 Ati Radeon HD3850 512 Mb. Detail spec here.

Some info about it.

Graphics Engine                ATI Radeon HD 3850

Bus Standard                    PCI Express 2.0

Video Memory                  DDR3 256MB

Engine Clock                    668 MHz

Memory Clock                  1.65 GHz ( 828 MHz DDR3 )

Memory Interface               256-bit

DVI Max Resolution            2560 x 1600

ASUS Features                  Glaciator Fansink

05. Power Supply

    X-Five 300Watt Real Power

06. Hard Disk

    1. Western Digital 320 GB Sata

    2. Western Digital 320 GB Sata



    Samsung Super Write Master

That is detail of my hardware for running Sabily. It able to run KDE and also able to run custom visual effect on GNOME.


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