BlankOn Sajadah - Try Live DVD Image


Just finished download BlankOn 6.0 Ombilin with codename Sajadah. Another distro from Indonesian group. I got time to try it Live DVD image to see how its look like. After run it on my Virtualbox, I can say that this group had done an amazing job for it. Very hard work especially it running in their own language. Beside that English still support. In this distro they include all Islamic software that have inside Sabily and other new that not have in Sabily. Congratulations to BlankOn group from Indonesia for releasing of this distro. Later I will install to browse and experience more deep inside it. Lets see some screenshot that I take on BlankOn 6.0 Ombilin Sajadah live DVD image.

1. BlankOn 6.0 Ombilin live DVD image boot menu.

2. Boot Splash image. Beauty green color with Sajadah codename.

3. Default screen. Nice wallpaper with bright brown color.

4. Shutdown screen.

For Indonesian, this is another Islamic distro that I think very nice and worth to get it. Especially it run fully in your own language. Maybe can be install it side by side with Sabily Insya'Allah.
Next I will share my experience how to install it on your system and maybe side by side with Sabily.


Sabily 10.04 Manarat - Boot Screen Color Depth


Did you get small color depth when log in Sabily Manarat? I'm facing that problem before. It looks not nice image behind Sabily text while log in. To change the color depth we need to install Startup Manager. Run this command on terminal to get it on your system, $ sudo apt-get install startupmanager.
Then you need to configure it. Lets see some screenshot,

1. Bad image behind Sabily text while log in.

2. Install Startup Manager from terminal.

3. Installation of Startup Manager completed.

4. Run Startup Manager from System/Administration.

5. Default color depth is 8 bits. Change to 16 bits or 24 bits. You also can change its resolution depend on your monitor specification.

6. Close Startup Manager and reboot Sabily. Then you will get beauty screen of Sabily Manarat while log in.

By using Startup Manager also you can set boot time, default operating system if you have multi operating system, boot splash etc. So, please enjoy using Sabily Manarat.


Ramadan Eid Mubarak


Left one or two day our fasting month will arrive. I'm blogger for Linux Sabily blog also want to wish to all Muslim and Non Muslim, Ramadan Eid Mubarak. Hopefully we will do our fasting in patient and happy. I also pray to you Muslim, to have more pray and do'a at night by reduce our sleep for this month. May Allah accept our fasting and charitable, Insya'Allah.
I like to share my Sabily Manarat wallpaper which I edit special for this fasting month. If you like it, you can download it from here.


Sabily Live DVD and Bootable USB Drive available


After search for some week, finally I found a friend to created Sabily Live DVD and Bootable USB Drive for me. If you are from Malaysia, I'm able to post the disc to you with a little payment. So if you have problem to download Sabily, you can consider to buy it Live DVD from me. Please mel to with your detail address. Soon I will support to other country also, Insya'Allah.

Other distro also available if requested.

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