Linux Sabily 9.10 - System Requirement

What is minimum system requirement to run Sabily? Do you know it only need 256Mb of RAM and only 4Gb hard disk space? This mean you can install it on an old PC if you are still not going to scrap it. But don't ever try to enable 3D effect on an old machine. Any other job should run smoothly without problem. This spec is base on Ubuntu 9.10. So, its better to keep 512Mb of RAM and more than 10Gb of hard disk space for Sabily to run very well. I will try to install it on Pentium3 1GHz, 256MB SDRAM and 6.4 Gb Quantum hard disk. This is an old PC that I'm still keep in my store. Don't you want to try on your old machine?


  1. jazaakumullahi khoir.
    I will try it 'n hijrah to sabily.

  2. how about screen resolution...? my pc not work with 1366*768 HD resolution. please help...