Add Sabily and Islamic Software to Kubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

     How about Muslim user of Kubuntu 10.10? Do you like to have Sabily on your Kubuntu system? For the Islamic software maybe you can download it one by one and install it alone. But what about Sabily theme? And what about if you can install all of the Islamic software together by one command?
     I had do it on my system. Added Sabily to Kubuntu. I think we can't say it converting from Kubuntu to Sabily because it appearance and etc is still Kubuntu, just Sabily item had added to it and we need to customize it to become Sabily looks. We can't convert it to Sabily because it is not Gnome desktop management. I'm not yet study either we can install Gnome on Kubuntu. It sound silly.
     If you like to have Sabily and it Islamic software on your system, you can try by follow the step that I add in this article.

To make easy, just refer to screenshot that I take while doing it.

01. Open Terminal then run a command to add Sabily repository.
sudo add-apt-repository && sudo apt-get -q update

 02. Run command to get and install Sabily.
 sudo apt-get install sabily
 03. Enter "y" to continue.
 04. Select default display manager that you like. gdm for gnome or kdm for KDE. Actually there is no gnome. In this case should select kdm.
 05. Some information about Zekr software. Just ignore it by click on OK.
 06. Enter "n" for default.
 07. Finish installation. Close Terminal.
 08. Restart your system.
 09. Now you have package of Islamic software on your Kubuntu.
 10. We need to do some customization to make it appearance like Sabily.
 11. You can found Sabily default wallpaper at root/lib/plymouth/themes/sabily.

Interested to do it? Don't scared and just try it. Good luck for you InsyaAllah.


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