Sabily Promotion Team

     Sabily Management Committee had launch new team call Sabily Promotion Team. This team member will help to spread Sabily all over the world. It open to everybody who interest to participate spreading Sabily by help user on IRC, on forum, make announcement on website, blog etc or you talk about Sabily on your sites.
     You also will have some advantage by joint this group where you can get, new email @, free FTP storage, participate in team decision, write on Sabily's blog and after some time of real participation, sabily's gifts like t-shirts or other goodies.
     So what you are waiting for? Lets see their announcement and ask for membership there.



  1. Assalamo alaykom,

    Brother meorbu you are the first invited to post for this membership ;)

  2. Alhamdulillah, I had done it before post this article... :-).. Hopefully there will be more to participate InsyaAllah..

  3. I really like Sabily Linux. I believe its great and muslims who are interested in linux should use it instead of other distros.