Add KDE to Sabily Al-Quds 10.10

     Normal Sabily is running on Gnome desktop environment. Maybe you like to try Sabily running on KDE. I tried it and now I can select to boot between Gnome and KDE.
     This time I learned to add it by using Synaptic Package Manager instead by using Terminal. I'm just use Kubuntu package since it base from Ubuntu. So no need to headache googling how to add KDE to Ubuntu. Please remember that you need about 500 MB extra space on your hard drive and more than 512 MB of RAM.
     Why need to use KDE instead of Gnome? So an answer is depend to you. For me, KDE give more nice appearance of desktop environment and more graphics effect.
     Maybe Gnome is enough for you, but I think Linux user are people who are already expert about Windows then they want to learn something different and new, so Linux give that opportunity to them. Only use Gnome won't give enough experience for me since there are many variety of desktop environment that I should try. So if your thinking are same like me, lets follow me add KDE to our Sabily.

Just follow from screenshot that I take.

1. Open your Synaptic Package Manager.
2. Search for kubuntu-desktop.
3. Right click and mark on Mark for Installation.
4. Click on Mark.
5. Apply.
6. Apply.
7. Download the package.
8. Here you can select either want to start from KDE or Gnome. I leave at "kdm" for KDE.
9. Completed. Click on Close.
10. Box change to green mean already installed the package.
11. Here some screenshot after start from KDE.

12. After change theme and wallpaper to looks real Sabily and I call it Ksabily.
Hopefully soon in the next release of Sabily we will have Ksabily follow with it. To realize it we need support and contributor from many volunteer and maybe you one of them.


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