Upgrade Sabily 10.04 Manarat to Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds

   Thinking to upgrade from Sabily 10.04 Manarat to Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds? I think Sabily developer should focus on this point because it is the most important part to show their appreciation to all Sabily user. If user can make upgrade from previous version to new version easily, then they will consider for using it forever. But if it is difficult for them to upgrade, most probably they will left from using Sabily distro and switch to other operating systems.
    I had try to upgrade from Sabily Manarat to Sabily Al-Quds but not full of software installed and it procedure took about half a day to complete. If you decide to upgrade your Sabily Manarat to Sabily Al-Quds, you can follow the procedure that I use below. As normal we have to update our Sabily 10.04 Manarat to Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat first and this procedure that take long time to successes. After completed, then we convert it to Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds. This will completed about ten minutes only.
    You can try this procedure by your own risk due to different hardware of your system and mine. Anyway you can use this procedure for your reference.

01. Open Update Manager then Upgrade your distro to Ubuntu 10.10.
02. Release Notes appeared, click Upgrade.
03. Download an upgrade tool start.
04. Preparing to upgrade starts.
 05. To start upgrade, click on Start Upgrade.
06. Upgrading processed. Wait for some information.
07. Upgrade complete. Close it.
08. Restart your session.
09. Open Update Manager to get Sabily Al-Quds updates. Click on Install Update.
10. If you can't get the updates, on Update Manager, go to Settings/Other Software, check all Sabily repository.
 11. Downloading updates.
12. Upgrade completed. You need to change your wallpaper manually at /lib/plymouth/themes/sabily.
   Normally I will make new installation for new version of Sabily and deleted an old version of it. It is because I'm not satisfied to use an upgrade procedure. Then make new installation is better for me. Maybe you don't want to re customize your Sabily so you decide to make an upgrade only. It up to you to decide it but please remind that upgrade from Sabily to Ubuntu process will take very long time that will make we argue of it.


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