Try Sabily Al-Quds In Windows - Creating Virtual Drive

    Now we have to setup and create a virtual drive in VirtualBox for Sabily Al-Quds to be install inside it. After that you can install and try Sabily Al-Quds inside your Windows OS. Lets create it.

01. Start your VirtualBox. Click on New icon.
02. Welcome screen appeared, click Next.
03. Naming your virtual machine and OS type, click Next.
04. Adjust memory size that you want to spend for your virtual machine. Recommend not more than half.
05. Select Create new hard disk, click Next.
06. Some information, click Next.
07. Select Dynamically expanding storage, click Next.
08. Adjust virtual hard disk size, for try only, just left to default 8 GB, click Next.
09. Summary of your virtual hard disk setting, click Finish.

    Your virtual hard disk created. Next you need to set Sabily Al-Quds ISO file and some setting of your Sabily virtual machine in able to install it on your Windows OS.


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