Try Sabily Al-Quds In Windows - Virtual Machine Installation

    After successes download Sabily Al-Quds, maybe you want to try it without install to you computer system that already installed with Windows OS. An easier way is to use virtual machine. Normally I'm using Virtualbox. You can download it from their homepage at or directly from here (VirtualBox 3.2.10 for Windows hosts).
    When your download finished, you have to install it to your Windows OS. Follow an instruction below to install it. For example I'm using Windows XP Service pack 3. I hope it was same to Windows 7 also.

01. Open your Virtualbox installation file.
02. Click next for Installation to start.
03. Accept the License Agreement.
04. Click to setup with default features setting.
05. This example will setup without Networking features.
06. Custom setup to create shortcut or not. Click Next to proceed.
07. Click Install to start installation.
08. Installation complete. Select either you want to start Virtualbox then click Finish.
09. You can find it at Start/All Programs/Oracle VM VirtualBox.

    Next we will setup a virtual drive for Sabily Al-Quds to be install on it. Hopefully you have reserve space on your hard drive for that.


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