Virtualbox - New Version Update

One thing that I like about Sabily or Ubuntu is new version of software detect. If we run any software while we are online, it will detect for a new version of the software and request us to update it. If we don't want to update, just ignore it. For example that I want to show here is Virtualbox software. After I run it, information about a new version appeared and suggest me a link to download it. When I click on the suggestion link it direct me to a download location at Sun Microsystems server. Then I accept to download update version of Virtualbox and install it after that. Below picture is some of the screenshot that I take while update my Sun Virtualbox software.

New version of Virtualbox detected after I run it.

After click on the link, it direct me to the download location.

Right click and choose Open with GDebi Package Installer to install it.

Click on Install Package to start install.

Installation in progress.

Installation completed. Just click Close to end it.

Now I had a new version of Virtualbox without I'm waste my time to search for it.

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