Installing KDE on Ubuntu Sabily

KDE can be install on Ubuntu or just install Kubuntu. What about KDE in Sabily? I don't think so there someone had try KDE on Sabily. So I try it by following same command for installing KDE on Ubuntu. Let install it on your Sabily by following this step of command then see how it look like when you run Sabily by select KDE session. If you are Ubuntu user and not yet try it, you also can follow this step from your terminal.

Start installing KDE from you terminal using this command, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop .

Some information before installation. Key in 'y' and press Enter.

Installation in progress.

Display manager option. Select 'kdm' and press Enter. Installation will continue.

Installation completed.

After finished installation, close your terminal then restart your system. After reboot, you will get KDE login screen. Login to KDE session and get your experience on it. I will share my Sabily with KDE session on the next post.

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