Kubuntu Running on Virtualbox

What about KDE on Ubuntu? Ok, it call Kubuntu. So I try it on my system by using Virtualbox. Same as PCLinuxOS it run using KDE which require more powerful hardware. I think due to it powerful engine to make more better desktop environment. Anyway, if you had powerful system, then you can try Kubuntu and see the different of KDE environment compare with Gnome. For Sabily, I will ask their programmer either we can use KDE or not. Then suggest them to add it in the future version of Sabily.
So, let see Kubuntu run on live cd image inside Sabily by using Virtualbox latest version 3.1.8.

Starting Kubuntu virtual machine from live CD image.

Live session of Kubuntu.

Desktop Setting GUI.

Shutdown Kubuntu Live session.

By running this session I think it is possible to run KDE for Ubuntu or Sabily on my system. Next I will install KDE on my Sabily and get experience how it look like.

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