Sabily In LXDE Session - Introduction

Last week while I'm on facebook, I had asked by one friend from Indonesia about LXDE either it support for Sabily or not. Then I found that LXDE is support to Ubuntu so I guest it should support to Sabily too.
Today I try to install LXDE in Sabily and use it session to log in. Luckily it was support for Sabily log in session but some icon can't be load. Hopefully Sabily designer team will take attention for this matter. We will discuss more about LXDE later. I also post a screenshot of Sabily in LXDE session.

Sabily in LXDE session screenshot.

Log out screenshot.

We will share more deep about LXDE in my future article.


  1. wooww.... so nice.. you really try it. now, hope it could be another window manager for sabily

  2. After you install LXDE, you will have option either to log in GNOME or LXDE. Soon I will try to get XFCE. I hope this will help a people with low spec CPU.

  3. I am currently using puppy linux on my old pc (intel pentium III processor). I wonder if it possible to install sabily on my pc, is there any sabily iso file which packed with low resource desktop environment?

  4. New Sabily use Gnome3 and Ubuntu Unity desktop environment. In this case you only can use old version of Sabily but it not updated. By the way, if puppy linux is base from Debian or Ubuntu, maybe you can add Sabily theme or any other Islamic software onto it. I'm not sure, need to study and try...