PCLinuxOS 2010 run on Virtualbox

One of the most top distro that I know either than Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian etc is PCLinuxOS and yesterday I already finished download it new version PCLinuxOS 2010. The most interested is it had KDE session that don't have on Sabily. As I know another distro that use KDE is Mandriva. So I try to run it on Virtualbox to see the different of it compare with Gnome Ubuntu or Sabily.
After start I found the different of it appearance which is more attract colour and have more start menu. I share some of the screenshot that I take when run it on Virtualbox. Hopefully in the future Sabily also will support KDE session like Ubuntu.

Start menu of PCLinuxOS.

Booting the system.

Nice appearance on KDE.

Default theme on Live Session.

We will talk more about KDE in the future.


  1. yeah! I just downloaded PClinuxOS 2010. but I not yet try it...
    thanks for share.
    visit me back???

  2. congratulation.. lets try it and share...