Ubuntu Sabily - Sharing File With Windows XP Continuation

We continue to setup our Sabily network to make it able to share file on Windows XP.

To see and shared Windows XP file, go to System/Preferences and select Network Connections.

On Network Connections, at Wired menu click Add, go to IPv4 Setting select Shared to other computers. Apply.

Your connection exist. Confirm it connect 'now'.

Go to Places and select Network.

Open Windows Network.

Open Workgroup. Example is MSHOME.

Windows XP PC appeared. Open example, MEORBU.

Sharing file or folder exist and you can copy or paste it.

It is not a reason now for you to install Sabily in your machine while others still stick to Windows, because you still can share your and their file on the network.


  1. oo!!saja pun no..org melayu ni byk guna window kot.
    saya ramzi,dari kedah.
    baru ja guna ubuntu ni.tak sampai sebulan.
    kalau saya ada masalah,nak tanya awak,boleh ka?
    mcm mana yg mudah?
    ada email tak? ni email saya . namakuzi@yahoo.com.my


  2. Hi, pls comment in English so that all of us around the world can understand. So that we can share information together. Thanks

  3. To Jakuzi,
    Yes, I think almost 90% Malaysian using Windows. I'm also using Windows before but now switch to Open Source like Sabily because I can learn more about it.
    If you have question, you can ask at Q & A gadget that I will place on my blog later. If you wish to ask in Malay also no problem but in this blog with all over the world visitor, it is better to use English like Dheroyan request cause we can shared all the information together.
    If I got many request, soon I will make special page for Malaysian with our lovely language.
    To Malaysian, please give your comment about this matter.

  4. Hi,
    I just installed sabily dual boot with my Windows XP..
    is there any way to share file between them?
    someone said I need to have a drive in fat32 but all my drive in windows is already ntfs..
    I can't change that..

  5. Base on my experiences, while you installed Sabily or Ubuntu, it will ask you either you want to use any windows file and folder in Sabily. Then you should accept it and you can see all windows file and folder from inside Sabily. But I think, from windows we wont have any opportunity to see Linux file or folders. Anyway, I will study about this later.

  6. 1'm waiting for manarat now..!