Linux Sabily - Installation To An Old Laptop Part 2

After checking my old laptop, I found that it DVDROM not function correctly. I decided to install Sabily by using bootable USB Flash Drive with Sabily inside it that I create before. Since its Windows XP still have some data inside it, I choose to make dual boot between Sabily and Windows XP. Installation process is same as Installation To An Old PC article but at the installation location, we need to select install Sabily side by side with Windows XP so we can choose which OS we want to use. Some of screenshot of my Laptop System Info I upload below.

Boot menu appeared, Ubuntu Sabily or Windows XP Professional.

System information of my Twinhead.

CPU information.

Hardware information.

While Sabily installation process, it will ask either you want to import Windows data or not.
If you select import, you can reach Windows file on Sabily as you can see at screenshot below.

So, it is possible to install Sabily to an old laptop like my Twinhead Efio 123A and it is able also to handle dual booting OS like Sabily and Windows XP Professional.
Good luck on your installation.


  1. how to install any software using terminal?

  2. Hi,, I post 'Ubuntu Sabily - Software Installations' article for answering your question. Have a look on it. Thanks.