Financial Management Software

Just want to share with all about pre installed software in Sabily that is very interesting for me, GnuCash Finance Management. By using this software it is easy for me to manage my money transactions. It also good for company account management. Show to you some of GnuCash Finance Management application screenshot.

To start GnuCash Finance Management go to Applications/Office.

Creating new file.

Creating new account.

Filling account descriptions.

New account ready to use.

I hope this software can give benefit to us in order to manage our money transactions.


  1. What this software can do? Can I record all money that I spend every day and every month so that I know what is necessary or just a waste? Can I track down which items that is purchased monthly and which item that I can get the cheapest cost?

  2. I don't see any games on Sabily? Is there any game even the simple one?