Ubuntu Sabily - Sharing File With Windows XP

Sometimes my friend request me to service or update their PC software and drivers. Almost all of them using Windows XP and I am using Ubuntu Sabily. They still scared to switch to Ubuntu Sabily. After I download their updated file, I need to transfer it from my Sabily to their Windows XP. In this case I have to configure network setting between this two different OS to make it able to share file between them. To share file between this two OS, we have to set up file sharing on Windows XP first. Follow this step.

Connect network cable between Sabily and Windows PC.

On Windows PC, Open My Computer.
At Other Places, click on My Network Places.

At Network Tasks, click on Set up a home or small office network.
Network Setup Wizard appeared, click Next.

Checklist for creating network appeared, click Next.

Select a connection method appeared, select Other, click Next.

Other Internet connection methods... appeared, select This computer belongs to a network that does not have an Internet connection, click Next.

This is important, on Computer description you must insert 'Windows Network', on Computer name you can insert any name, click Next.

Workgroup name also you can insert any name, click Next.

Turn on file and printer sharing, click Next.

Confirm your setting and click Next.

Windows ask how you want to run Network Setup on the other PC. Select just finish the wizard; I don't need to run the wizard on other computer. Click Next.

Completing the Network Setup Wizard, click Finish.

Click Yes to restart your computer.

In the next article we will configure network setup for Sabily distros and start to share file with Windows XP.


  1. bulshit tutor where is the capter for configure in sabilly, fuck you man, you are garbic

  2. Thanks bro, for your comment. For your information, I'm not giving tutorial here. I only shared my experience without any charge. Anyway, if you want to configured in Sabily, you should get it at Blog Archive December 2009. Feel free to browse it.