Make Bootable USB Flash Drive

Other than using DVD media to install Sabily in your system, you have an opportunity to use your USB Flash Drive as an installation tools. You need to make it bootable with an installation file on it same as DVD media concept.
I think this article is slightly popular in the net where I search on Google returned many result with a variety of explaination style. To make bootable USB Flash Drive in Ubuntu/Sabily is easy because the software is already installed and ready to use. Here I show how to make it with only five step to follow. My example is using Sabily full version ISO image installation file. After completed, this USB Flash Drive is ready to use as an installation tools and it can replace DVD media disc installation method. Please remember that your motherboard BIOS should have an opportunity to boot from USB drive, or you will waste your time to make bootable USB Flash Drive where you can't use it. To make bootable USB Flash Drive,

Insert your USB Flash Drive.
Go to System/Administration and click on USB Startup Disk Creator.

Click on Other... and locate Sabily ISO file.

Confirm Source disk image and USB disk to use, then click Make Startup Disk.

Installing start.

Installation completed.

Now your USB Flash Drive is ready to use as an installation tools for Sabily.


  1. Great can we use this function with a Blockmaster Secure USB Drive.

  2. Thanks for your question.
    Actually I never use this flash drive before. After read at Q & A section on BlockMaster homepage, it is not support to Linux OS. Anyway you can use it by using Windows emulator like VMWare. By using Windows emulator, you can write bootable data on BlockMaster flash drive but is it bootable when PC start?. I didn't find question about it there. Anyway I will try to get this flash drive and try it. Soon I will post the answer for you. Below is the question and answer that I copy from BlockMaster homepage.

    How do I unlock SafeStick under Linux or Mac OS with VMware?

    First make sure that your VMware is set to accept all new USB devices that connect.

    1.Insert SafeStick with the emulated Windows running.
    2.Unlock the SafeStick as normal.
    3.Suspend (pause) the emulated Windows.
    4.Access the secure storage under the host operating system.
    5.When you plug out or power off SafeStick will automatically lock.

  3. how do i do a bootable sabily installation usb stick if i use an windows xp computer?

  4. I'm not do it inside windows and I don't know if windows programme have that opportunity. My suggestion is you install Sabily or Ubuntu in Virtualbox in Windows XP. Then you use that tools. Try...

  5. Hundreds of millions of USB flash drives are currently in operation around the world, with the vast majority not offering proper encrypted flash drive

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