Vote For A New Sabily Logo

Sabily team already decide to change their current logo to a new one due to "Allah" name that they put on it. So now they are vote for two logo that design by brother Muslih Al-Aqqad. So you also can participate in the vote. Anyway they only put about three days for voting. You can see the poll at .

Current Sabily logo.
New proposition Sabily logo 1.
New proposition Sabily logo 2.
For me I preferred proposal no 2 and I like it very much. It shows that Sabily is base from Ubuntu. So what about you?...
Do support me by voting proposal no 2.



  1. salam,

    how to vote?

    I also prefer no 2.

  2. Salam, just put your name there, check which you like then click "Save".

  3. hmm, did U have option #3??

  4. Salam, I also vote for number 2. but to be honest i like colors combinations for current logo.

  5. Only two option and both is very nice. We have a limited time to participate in design..

  6. no 2 the best... feel free to click

  7. I vote for no 2, Nice

  8. I feel more happy to see the second logo (no 2). interesting art! can i use on X-Sabily... hehehe