Virtual Machine, Wubi or Dual Boot

     There are many Windows user that still feel hesitated and scared to convert to open source operating system like Sabily, Ubuntu etc. Although like that, they are expect to try it if possible without removing their current operating system. Maybe they had heard about an advantage of using and open source operating system from their friend, reading and an advertisement on the Internet. So, this article will discuss about using Sabily that we install together with Windows operating system inside one PC.
    They have three option to install Sabily inside their PC without remove or disturb Windows operating system that already installed. The three options, first is using virtual machine like Virtualbox, Vmware etc. Second is using Wubi software that come together with Sabily ISO file and third is using Dual Boot or Multi Boot.

1) Virtual Machine.
      The most popular virtual machine is Virtualbox and I almost using it to test any new distro that I downloaded. Virtualbox is more easy and safe to use because it same like other software that we need to install it to Windows operating system then Sabily should run from it.

2) Wubi.
      Wubi which mean "Windows Ubuntu Installer". From the name we can imagine that it is the software to install Ubuntu/Sabily to Windows. Actually it not work like virtual machine because it will separate Sabily installation to other part. When start we will be ask to choose either boot to Windows or Sabily. So it  same like Dual Boot. The advantage from Dual Boot is we can uninstall it from Windows environment.

3) Dual Boot.
      Dual Boot is install Sabily beside Windows in one partition or more. We will be ask to choose either boot to Sabily or Windows. Priority will be Sabily which is different from Wubi, the priority is Windows. Dual Boot did not give an option to uninstall Sabily from Windows environment. Just one option either erase or delete the partition that we had installed Sabily. It not an issue if you permanently want to use Dual Boot between Sabily and Windows. Remember, Dual Boot is very dangerous option to normal computer user. So if you decide to make Dual Boot, you should ask to an experience computer user for their guide.
     This article only discussing about an option that can be use for computer user who want to try Sabily without disturb an operating system that already installed. We will discuss detail about the option in other article soon.



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