Dual Boot Installation Between Sabily/Ubuntu and Windows XP - Part 1

Some visitor asking about installation of Sabily together with Windows . That what we call dual boot. Actually there is a very simple step to do it. The most important is Windows for example Windows XP must be installed first with NTFS format. After you successes installed Windows XP, then you can install Sabily and have an option to install it side by side with Windows XP. You also will be able to see some of windows file from Sabily distro. So you can follow this guide that I make step by step in able to make dual boot option between Sabily and Windows XP. But please be careful with the option that you decide while you follow this guide.
This guide also applicable for Ubuntu distro.

I assume that you already installed Windows XP on your system and still have about 5 Gigabytes free space of the same hard drive. 

1. Boot from your Sabily DVD disc and select Install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
 2. Like normal installation, add your location.
3.  Select your keyboard layout.
4. So this one is important. Choose "Install them side by side, choosing between them each startup".
5. You will be warn with your option. Anyway just continue with it.
6. Fill your name, password and log in option.
7. If you want to see some of your Windows file from inside Sabily, select your account or any other that you want.
8. So you are ready to install.
9. Wait until the installation process finish.
10. Select "Restart Now" after installation completed. Remove your Sabily DVD disc when requested.
11. Now you have an option to boot either Ubuntu/Sabily or Windows XP.
Next article we will browse around Ubuntu/Sabily to see some of Windows file from it.



  1. As Salaam Alaikum Warahu Mathullahi Wabara kaathuh
    I have a question what if the 4th step isn't present when installation?
    Please reply Soon
    Salaam Warah Mathullahi

  2. Waalaikomsalam Warah Matullahi Taala Wabara Kaathuh.
    So you first already install windows?
    It should be present. It should work too on Win7.
    I'm not try on windows 8.