Linux Sabily Blog New Template

I'm decided to change Linux Sabily blog template and layout due to new updated customization and posting option from Blogger. I also think that an old template will be obsolete soon. So I'm spend a little of my time to customize it appearance to be as close to previous Linux Sabily blog template and layout. It looks modern concept and it should be like that. Now using background that provided by Blogger. Later I will make customize background for Linux Sabily blog which theme from Sabily distro. Anyway hope you will enjoy browsing Linux Sabily blog with this new template and layout. It appearance will be updated later with suitable colour, background and widgets.
Not to forget that I'm also put a title for "Donate" button on the foot of this blog with the word "Help to get a server for Linux Sabily blog". Hopefully this blog can get it own server by a little donation from who are willing to help.



  1. selamunaleyum,
    i likes the one before :). now the scripting is not readable...

  2. Oh thanks, we wait for other comments...