tkgate Circuit Simulator - Electronics Software for Engineer

I'm an electronics engineer so I'm very happy because there are electronics software that installed in Sabily by default. I'm not sure is it installed also in Ubuntu or not. The software that I mean is tkgate Circuit Simulator. This software is simulation software for Logic Gate circuit and it is very important for electronics technician and engineer either for study or designing new logic circuit. What I want to highlight is we still can do electronics job event we are using open source operating system like Sabily. There are many electronics circuit simulation for open source software for example gEDA but it not install by default to Sabily. I hope in the future gEDA also include in the Sabily installation package and hopefully many electronics technician or engineer will consider for Ubuntu or Sabily for their PC operating system.

tkgate Circuit Simulator screenshot.


  1. Thanks for your valuable information...

    Can you give a basic tutorial for using these softwares? with example circuit, i tried Ksimus couldn emulate.

    BTW . I use a very limited internet connection. How can I ger sabily? Do they have any free shipment plan?

  2. Meaning you never use Sabily before? Oh, I'm very sad to know that... Sent me your detail address, maybe I can sent it to you, free, just for you my linux sabily follower...